Malware Researcher Warns of Ethereum Scam App on Google Play Store

Another Ethereum app scam was reportedly found to be sitting right on Android’s Google Play Store. In a tweet from Lukas Stefanko, a malware researcher, he showed an app on Google Play that claims to offer Ether, one at a time, for €335.

In his tweet, Stefanko also noted that purchasing the Google Play app is different from buying Ethereum as he implies that the application is a crypto scam used to defraud people by  claiming that it was created by a dubious company “Google Commerce Ltd”. Legitimate applications on Google Play backed by Google developers is supposed to be “Google LLC”. At the moment, this application is not available on Google Play.

The genuine name of the developer of Google-backed applications on Google Play Store is “Google LLC.” At press time, the application is unavailable on Google Play.

Just last month, crypto mining applications were banned by Google on Google Play Store and only allowed apps for remote mining.  In a report by NextWeb, dozens of illicit applications are still on the app store, noted that developers are given thirty days to comply from the date changes in their policy took effect.


Prior this ban in July, Google has already followed the move made by Facebook which announced they are not allowing any ads related to cryptocurrencies.