Malicious Bitcoin QR code generators steal $45,000 in March

Malicious Bitcoin QR code

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Some set of hackers who generate Malicious Bitcoin QR code are reported to have carted away around $45,000 from unsuspecting Bitcoin holders this month (March). Not lesser than nine fake Bitcoin QR code generators have been uncovered recently as Harry Denley, a security researcher tweeted he has discovered two platforms that generate fake Bitcoin QR code on Sunday, 22nd March.

Denley revealed later that seven other domain sites with a similar interface to the previous ones he uncovered are equally malicious as the same developer created them all.

Malicious Bitcoin QR code generators impersonate crypto wallet

These false Bitcoin QR code generators are believed by clients to change Bitcoin address into QR code as they also assure clients of removing risks of a client losing their coins because of typographical errors when sending their address. This function, however, is also offered by several block explorer and wallet apps.

These websites are hosted on three separate servers, which host not lesser than 450 other websites collectively, and these sites feature keywords close to Gmail, COVID-19, and many crypto coins.

Parts of these websites are supposed BTC transaction accelerators that allege they fasten BTC transfers charging 0.001 BTC. Addresses of these accelerators have immersed over 15 BTC closing in $111, 000.

How these scammers use coronavirus fright to extort people

Some of these hackers hide under the freight created by the global COVID-19 pandemic. Regulators in the United Kingdom (UK), Texas, USA, have warned people about how easy it is to get scammed with the coronavirus pandemic and how high crypto scam has surged owing to the plague.

Scammers recently have posed as the World Health Organization (WHO) to enable the cart away donations meant to fight coronavirus. They do this by infiltrating apps used to check how far coronavirus has spread.

Cryptopolitan in the last two weeks has reported not lesser than five crypto scam stories from the fear created by the coronavirus.

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