Malaysia Launches AI Literacy Program: AI Untuk Rakyat

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  • Malaysia’s AI Untuk Rakyat program aims to close the digital literacy gap.
  • AI Untuk Rakyat: Bridging knowledge gaps in AI for Malaysians.
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In a move aimed at bridging the digital literacy gap and empowering Malaysians with essential knowledge in Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Malaysian government, in collaboration with Intel Malaysia, has introduced the “AI Untuk Rakyat” program. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim officially launched the initiative at Universiti Putra Malaysia, marking a significant step towards boosting AI awareness and understanding among the populace.

Closing the digital literacy gap

Economy Minister Rafizi Ramli, speaking at the program’s launch, emphasized that “AI Untuk Rakyat” represents a crucial government effort to narrow the digital literacy gap in Malaysia. He highlighted the program’s potential to provide students with a fundamental introduction to the world of AI, encouraging them to explore AI-related careers. For the broader community, the program offers an opportunity to gain a basic understanding of AI and its potential benefits, thereby fostering digital literacy.

Unlocking technological knowledge

Rafizi Ramli further emphasized the importance of acquiring a basic understanding of AI technology. Such knowledge opens doors to deeper technological insights that are increasingly vital in the digital age. By seizing this opportunity, Malaysia can lay the foundation for a future-proof digital economy and enhance its global competitiveness.

AI as a driver of the economy

Intel Malaysia Managing Director AK Chong described AI as not only a technological marvel but also a critical driver of the economy. She envisioned AI as a bridge connecting individuals from all backgrounds to a world filled with opportunities in the digital era. The “AI Untuk Rakyat” program’s primary focus is to empower Malaysians with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to succeed in this rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Accessible self-learning program

The “AI Untuk Rakyat” program is an online self-learning initiative designed to increase public awareness and understanding of AI. Its accessibility is a key feature, allowing anyone, regardless of location or schedule, to participate and learn about AI. The program offers an engaging and interactive learning experience, comprising two sections: “AI Aware” and “AI Appreciate.”

AI Aware: This section introduces and discusses various AI use cases while dispelling common misconceptions about AI.

AI Appreciate: Focusing on the application and impact of AI across different industries, this section is targeted at those who wish to deepen their knowledge of AI.

Accessible via the www.ai.gov.my portal, the program aims to engage one million participants in its inaugural year.

Empowering Malaysians in the digital age

The launch of “AI Untuk Rakyat” marks a significant step towards advancing AI literacy and awareness among Malaysians. With the increasing importance of AI in various sectors, including healthcare, finance, and manufacturing, gaining a foundational understanding of AI is more critical than ever. By providing accessible and comprehensive AI education, the Malaysian government is paving the way for its citizens to participate and excel in the digital economy.

The “AI Untuk Rakyat” program aligns with Malaysia’s broader vision to become a prominent player in the global AI landscape. As AI continues to transform industries and economies worldwide, Malaysia’s investment in AI education and literacy is a forward-looking strategy to ensure its citizens are well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.

Promoting inclusivity

One of the program’s core values is inclusivity, ensuring that AI education is accessible to all Malaysians, regardless of their background or circumstances. This inclusive approach reflects the government’s commitment to leaving no one behind in the digital revolution, ultimately leading to a more equitable society.

The “AI Untuk Rakyat” program represents a significant milestone in Malaysia’s journey towards enhancing AI literacy and fostering a digitally empowered society. By collaborating with Intel Malaysia and leveraging accessible online resources, the government is actively working to equip Malaysians with the knowledge and skills required to thrive in an AI-driven world.

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