Magic Square Acquires Token Launchpad TruePNL in Strategic Expansion


  • Magic Square acquires TruePNL, a strategic move to enhance its web3 app store’s technological infrastructure and service offerings, excluding the TruePNL brand and token but integrating its vital tech components.
  • The acquisition aims to boost user engagement and introduce new features like SQR staking and a flexible launchpad, marking a significant step towards creating a more integrated and innovative web3 ecosystem.

In a strategic move that underscores the growing integration within the web3 ecosystem, Magic Square, a web3 app store with backing from Binance Labs among other prominent investors, has announced its acquisition of TruePNL, a token launch platform known for its innovative approach to project listings. 

The acquisition, completed for an undisclosed cash sum, marks a significant step for Magic Square as it aims to bolster its offerings and expand its footprint in the web3 domain.

Magic Square strengthening foundations for future growth

Magic Square’s acquisition of TruePNL is more than just an expansion of its business operations; it’s a strategic enhancement of its technological infrastructure and service offerings. According to Andrey Nayman, founder, and CEO of Magic Square, the acquisition encompasses TruePNL’s comprehensive front and backend infrastructure, though it notably excludes the TruePNL brand name, domain, social media accounts, and the TruePNL (PNL) token. The move is set to enrich Magic Square’s capabilities, particularly in staking and launchpad services, areas that are becoming increasingly important in the crypto ecosystem.

The discussions between the web3 app store and TruePNL began last month, originally focusing on exploring a white-label solution for Magic Square’s upcoming platforms. However, these talks quickly evolved into the acquisition deal that was concluded this week, signaling the swift and decisive action by Magic Square to capitalize on synergistic opportunities. The acquisition, which required no pending approvals, highlights Magic Square’s commitment to expanding its ecosystem and enhancing its value proposition to users and project creators alike.

Enhancing user experience and engagement

The Web3 app store, since its inception in 2021, has been on a mission to revolutionize how users discover and interact with web3 apps. With a community-driven validation system, the platform ensures that only the highest quality projects are listed, fostering a trustworthy environment for its user base. Through its unique reward system, users earn Karma points for their interactions, which can be exchanged for daily rewards from a significant SQR token pool. The system not only incentivizes engagement but also ensures that the community plays a pivotal role in the ecosystem’s growth and sustainability.

The acquisition of TruePNL further strengthens Magic Square’s commitment to enhancing user engagement and experience. By integrating TruePNL’s technical infrastructure, Magic Square is poised to introduce new features such as SQR staking for Annual Percentage Rate (APR) rewards and a more flexible in-house launchpad. These developments are anticipated to provide projects with tailored solutions that align with their specific needs, thereby enriching the ecosystem’s diversity and innovation.

A future built on collaboration and innovation

The strategic acquisition of TruePNL by Magic Square represents a forward-thinking approach to building a more integrated and versatile web3 ecosystem. As TruePNL continues to operate as an independent platform, the continuity of its operations and the utility of the PNL token are assured, a testament to the thoughtful integration strategy employed by both entities. The move not only benefits the existing communities of both platforms but also sets the stage for future collaborative innovations.

The addition of TruePNL’s technical lead, Vyacheslav Tyurdenev, to the Magic Square team, coupled with the retention of TruePNL’s skilled 12-member team, ensures that the wealth of experience and expertise within TruePNL will contribute to the ongoing development and success of Magic Square. The blend of talent and technology between the two companies is expected to drive further innovation, offering users and projects within the ecosystem enhanced opportunities for growth and engagement.


The acquisition of TruePNL by Magic Square is more than a business transaction; it’s a strategic alignment that promises to enhance the web3 landscape significantly. By combining TruePNL’s robust token launch platform with Magic Square’s innovative app store and community-driven ethos, the merger is set to offer unparalleled opportunities for users and project creators alike. As the web3 space continues to evolve, such integrations are crucial for fostering an environment that supports innovation, engagement, and growth. The acquisition not only signifies the web3 app store’s ambition and vision for the future but also highlights the potential for collaborative success in the ever-expanding web3 domain.

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