Crypto veterans pledge for London blockchain conference boycott

London blockchain conference boycott is now becoming a hot trend as more crypto veterans shun the London event called CC Forum on Blockchain, AI, and Digital Innovation. Though eagerly awaited, there’s a particular panel that is making headlines in the crypto community. Many prominent crypto names have decided to boycott the event since the controversial Craig Wright is scheduled to speak at the event.

Craig Wright claims he created Bitcoin, but many crypto veterans doubt his claim’s meritocracy. They have openly declared their absence from the conference, and it’s becoming a campaign of sorts where more people are being encouraged to boycott.

London blockchain conference boycott goes global

The CC Forum on Blockchain, AI, and Digital Innovation currently live in London is playing host to some interesting panels. However, an event named ‘The Global Centralized Financial System: What Are The Flaws & Challenges And What Are The Possible Solutions?’ is grabbing all the eyeballs. The panelists include Bobby Lee, Nouriel Roubini, Tone Vays, Brock Pierce, and, most strikingly, Craig Wright.

Both Nouriel Roubini and Craig Wright are controversial figures. Wright’s claim that he is the real ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ and Bitcoin inventor garnered considerable negative attention. There’s one more event featuring just Craig Wright as a panelist that will credit him as a Bitcoin inventor. Named ‘What Was Your Purpose As Satoshi Writing The Whitepaper?’ it will explore his Bitcoin past.

Consequently, many big industry names started the London blockchain conference boycott to show their angst against such claims. BitMEX Research has also twitted about various court cases of fraud against Craig Wright as a reminder.

Charlie Lee, another crypto celebrity, openly declared his discomfort by taking a pledge to boycott the event featuring a ‘Faketoshi.’ He even criticized Tone Vays attending the event and sharing the stage with Wright.

Tone Vays will attend to defend Bitcoin

Tone Vays is a famed crypto commentator and analyst. He defended himself by saying that he wasn’t aware of the other panelists. When he saw the backlash increasing, he said he is sharing the stage with Wright only to defend Bitcoin from such scamsters on the live stage.

Previously, he boycotted the New York’ Magical Crypto’ conference. He commented that his refusal to attend the London conference would only hurt the attendees. Though, the community has taken his words with a pinch of salt.