Litecoin Foundation is developing a project for better adaptation

The CEO of Litecoin Foundation, Charlie Lee is teasing the crypto community with bullish tweets about future partnerships with a key market player.

Lee recently announced that he just had lunch with Tyler Spalding, the CEO of Flexa. Lee finished his tweet with the now popular hashtag, #PayWithLitecoin, which is a direct tease that the two companies are well at work for bringing us yet another liquidity source for LTC.

Flexa is a payment provider company that covers multiple e-commerce websites. The company was created with digital currencies, and therefore is a perfect partner for an already adapted coin such as LTC.

This is not confirmed information, however, as the Tweet is just a tease. The partnership could be something completely different and Lee could be misleading us.

Thousands of merchants are already familiar with Flexa, meaning that LTC holders could have the option of doing their online shopping or pretty much anything else with their portfolios, rather than have to wait for days to cash them out in fiat.

The Tweet did not have much of an effect on Litecoin’s price, but the coin is indeed surging next to Bitcoin, which is quite odd as everybody was expecting BTC market dominance at this point and not a general market consolidation.

Nevertheless, should Litecoin Foundation somehow find a spot on Flexa’s platform it will increase Litecoin adaptation to a completely new level. Add to that the debit card, and we have a coin that is ready to be used for day-to-day expenditures.

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