Leaked Details Break the Silence on Apple’s Ambitious Siri AI Upgrade

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  • Siri’s 2024 upgrade brings Generative AI and device management.
  • Apple’s two AI teams explore image generation and multimodal AI.
  • Siri aims to be the ultimate virtual assistant.

In a recent leak, it has been revealed that Apple is gearing up for a significant upgrade to its virtual assistant, Siri, with the integration of Generative AI technology. 

This development is expected to be officially announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in 2024. The leaked information, sourced from a developer, hints at a transformative shift in Siri’s capabilities and functionality.

Siri’s Generative AI makeover at WWDC 2024

Apple’s WWDC events are highly anticipated each year, as they serve as a platform for the tech giant to unveil its latest software innovations. The leaked information suggests that Apple’s upcoming announcement at WWDC 2024 will introduce a Generative AI version of Siri. This major upgrade aims to enhance Siri’s capabilities, making it more personalized and proficient in engaging in natural conversations.

Ajax-based Generative AI

The Generative AI version of Siri is expected to be powered by Ajax, an in-house Large Language Model that Apple has been diligently training for several years. This choice of AI technology is particularly intriguing, as it is claimed to surpass the capabilities of ChatGPT 3.5, a well-known language model. While Ajax was initially thought to be an internal resource, it appears that Apple is planning to deploy it to bolster Siri’s conversational prowess.

Enhanced device management and more

The leaked information also sheds light on the various enhancements users can expect with Siri’s Generative AI version. It is anticipated that this upgraded virtual assistant will offer more efficient device management across the Apple ecosystem. Moreover, users can look forward to Apple-specific creation services and seamless integration with external services. Additionally, Apple may introduce subscription-based options, expanding the utility and accessibility of Siri.

Two teams, multiple possibilities

Apple’s commitment to advancing AI technology is evident in its formation of two distinct teams dedicated to developing language and image models. One of these teams appears to be focused on generating images, videos, and 3D scenes, suggesting potential applications in visual content creation and augmented reality. The other team is engaged in long-term research related to multimodal AI, which can recognize and produce images or videos. This dual-team approach highlights Apple’s multifaceted approach to AI innovation.

Support and shortcut integration

One intriguing aspect of Apple’s AI efforts is the potential for one of these Large Language Models (LLMs) to interact with customers using AppleCare. This could revolutionize customer support by providing users with advanced AI-driven assistance and solutions.

Furthermore, the Siri team is actively working on integrating these language models to simplify complex shortcut integrations. This development could streamline user experiences and make Siri an even more indispensable tool for Apple device owners.

Siri’s transformation into the ultimate virtual assistant

According to the leaked reports, Apple is on a mission to completely revamp Siri, positioning it as the “ultimate virtual assistant.” This ambitious goal aligns with Apple’s vision of enhancing accessibility across its extensive range of devices. The Generative AI upgrade, along with the incorporation of advanced language and image models, could position Siri as a game-changing AI application for Apple users.

What to expect at WWDC 2024

Apple enthusiasts can look forward to WWDC 2024 as the stage for the initial unveiling of Siri’s Generative AI capabilities. If the leaks are accurate, this significant upgrade is poised to become a standard feature across all iPhone 16 models. Apple’s commitment to harnessing Generative AI and other advanced AI technologies signals its dedication to enhancing user experiences and maintaining its position as a leader in the tech industry.

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