New Chatbot Laika Raises Concerns and Hopes in the Fight Against Teen Internet Addiction


  • Laika 13, a chatbot, mimics a social media-obsessed teen to raise awareness of internet addiction among teenagers.
  • Initial data suggests Laika prompts students to reconsider their social media habits, but concerns linger about long-term effectiveness and ethical risks.
  • Experts caution against anthropomorphizing AI models like Laika and emphasize the need for ongoing research and collaboration to address teen social media addiction.

Swedish AI experts have created a chatbot called Laika 13, which mimics the actions of a teen addicted to social media, as a unique way to battle teen internet addiction. Laika’s growth coincides with an increasing awareness of the harm that excessive social media use causes to teenage mental health.

Targeting teen internet addiction

The Swedish neuroscientists and AI specialists behind Laika 13 created the game to highlight the possible negative effects of using social media for extended periods of time. The creators of Laika aim to educate young people about the risks of internet addiction in light of research showing a link between social media use and mental health conditions, including anxiety and sadness.

Preliminary findings from the Laika test program indicate encouraging outcomes: following their interaction with the chatbot, 75% of the 60,000 students who took part expressed a wish to modify their connection with social media. Students are reflecting on their online actions as a result of Laika’s ability to mimic the inner thoughts and anxieties of a troubled adolescent.

However, concerns linger regarding the long-term efficacy of the program and its potential impact on vulnerable young users. While proponents argue that interventions like Laika are cost-effective and fill a gap in traditional education, skeptics question the ethical implications of using AI technology with children without conclusive evidence of its effectiveness.

Ethical considerations and potential risks

The head of NYU’s Center for Responsible AI, Julia Stoyanovich, worries about the ethical implications of using AI models that are remarkably similar to humans around impressionable children. She issues a warning against the perils of anthropomorphizing robots, noting examples from the past where advanced AI systems were misinterpreted as having human characteristics, with unintended effects.

Stoyanovich highlights the possible dangers of gathering and exploiting sensitive data from children, emphasizing the significance of considering data protection concerns around generative AI technology. Because AI systems are inherently unpredictable, there are concerns about their ability to protect user privacy despite creators’ guarantees about data security protocols.

The argument about whether or not to utilize AI technology to treat teen social media addiction is still being discussed as Laika interacts with students and teachers. Despite supporters’ claims that it can increase awareness and promote healthy digital habits, skepticism warns about the ethical and practical difficulties in implementing AI with vulnerable groups.

Initiatives like Laika ultimately depend on continued research, openness, and cooperation between developers, educators, and mental health professionals to succeed. In order to protect the resilience and health of coming generations, it is imperative that society continues to search for effective solutions to address the intricacies of digital technology and its effects on mental health.

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