Kwenta Announces a Comprehensive 2024 Roadmap

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  • Kwenta, part of the Synthetix ecosystem, announces its 2024 roadmap, highlighting the launch of Perps v3 Alpha and the official release of Perps v3, aiming to enhance the trading experience with a new user interface and features like alert notifications and social logins.
  • The platform plans to incentivize user engagement by offering USDC rewards for KWENTA stakers and intends to expand its product offerings, indicating a commitment to evolving and catering to the diverse needs of the decentralized finance community.

Kwenta, renowned for its spot and perpetual contract trading services, has recently announced an ambitious and detailed roadmap for the year 2024. The roadmap, eagerly awaited by the crypto trading community, indicates a significant development in the platform’s journey. A major highlight is the upcoming launch of Perps v3 Alpha, scheduled between January and February 2024.

The introduction of Perps v3 Alpha is not just an upgrade; it represents a paradigm shift in how traders interact with the platform. The new version is poised to offer a revamped user interface, making it more intuitive and user-friendly. The change is particularly noteworthy as it signifies the end of the Perps v2 era, marking a new chapter in Kwenta’s continuous evolution.

To further enhance the appeal of the platform and reward its loyal user base, Kwenta plans to implement a new incentive scheme. The scheme involves distributing USDC rewards to users who stake KWENTA tokens. The strategic move is aimed at bolstering user engagement and investment in the platform, fostering a more robust and dynamic trading community.

Official rollout of Perps v3: Simplifying on-chain trading

Following the Alpha release, the Kwenta team is geared up for the official launch of Perps v3, expected to occur between February and March 2024. The version is particularly focused on catering to the needs of new traders, simplifying the process of conducting on-chain transactions.

Perps v3 is set to introduce several user-centric features that aim to enhance the trading experience. These features include alert notifications that keep traders informed of market changes and social logins for easier access to the platform. Such integrations are expected to lower the entry barriers for new users, allowing them to navigate the platform with greater ease and confidence. The focus on simplifying on-chain transactions is a strategic move by Kwenta, reflecting its commitment to making decentralized finance more accessible to a broader audience.

Kwenta expanding the horizon: Beyond Perps v3

The roadmap for 2024 extends far beyond the launch of Perps v3. Kwenta’s vision for the year encompasses a broader expansion of its product offerings. The expansion signifies the platform’s dedication to staying ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving world of decentralized finance.

Kwenta’s expansion plans are not just about adding new features or products; they are about creating a more inclusive and comprehensive trading environment. By broadening its offerings, Kwenta aims to cater to a wider range of trading preferences and strategies, thereby attracting a diverse group of traders to its platform. The approach reflects an understanding that the needs of the crypto trading community are constantly changing, and staying relevant requires continuous innovation and adaptation.


Kwenta’s 2024 roadmap illustrates the platform’s ambition to redefine the standards of decentralized finance and crypto trading. With the launch of Perps v3 Alpha and its subsequent official rollout, coupled with an expanded product portfolio, Kwenta is positioning itself as a leader in the industry. The platform’s focus on user experience, incentivization, and product diversity showcases its commitment to not only meeting but exceeding the expectations of its users.

As the crypto world watches, Kwenta’s journey through 2024 will be a testament to its innovative spirit and dedication to enhancing the trading experience for its users. The roadmap sets the stage for what promises to be an exciting and transformative year for Kwenta and its community of traders.

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