Kraken NFT Launches as the Gateway to the World of NFTs

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  • Kraken NFT launches with over 250 NFT collections, catering to diverse interests and communities within the NFT ecosystem.
  • The platform offers gas-free trading, eliminating transaction costs and making NFTs more affordable for users.

Kraken, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has officially launched Kraken NFT, a platform that serves as a gateway for buying, selling, and exploring the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). After a successful beta testing phase, Kraken NFT has expanded its offerings to over 250 NFT collections, integrated the Polygon network for faster transactions, and introduced various features to enhance the NFT trading experience. With a commitment to making NFTs accessible to all, Kraken NFT aims to revolutionize the perception of NFT ownership. Let’s delve into the key features and opportunities offered by Kraken NFT.

Expansive Selection of NFT Collections

Kraken NFT recognizes the importance of vibrant and active NFT communities. To cater to the diverse interests of users, the platform has carefully curated over 250 NFT collections, ensuring a wide range of options to explore, collect, and trade. From groundbreaking projects like CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club to emerging favorites such as Mfers and CrypToadz, Kraken NFT offers access to influential and sought-after NFT collections. 

Additionally, the platform embraces artistic diversity by including anime-inspired collections like uwucrew and DigiDaigaku, as well as pixel-art collections like Nakamigos and Solana Monkey Business. With such a comprehensive selection, NFT ensures that users can easily find NFTs that resonate with their interests and preferences.

Gas-Free Trading & Flexible Payment Options

One of the common barriers in the NFT space is the burden of gas fees, which can significantly impact the cost of buying and selling NFTs. Kraken NFT addresses this issue by introducing gas-free trading on its platform. By eliminating gas fees, users can maximize the value of their investments and participate in the NFT market without worrying about additional transaction costs. Whether there is a highly anticipated NFT drop or a surge in DeFi trading activities, Kraken NFT ensures that gas fees will not hinder users from acquiring their desired NFTs. This commitment to affordability and transparency sets NFT apart as a user-centric platform that prioritizes accessibility.

Kraken NFT simplifies the process of buying and selling NFTs by offering multiple payment options. Users can choose to transact using the cash or cryptocurrency of their preference. Unlike some platforms that require the setup of complex Web3 crypto wallets or token wrapping, Kraken NFT streamlines the onboarding process, allowing users to bid on NFTs using over 200 different cryptocurrencies and cash alternatives. This flexibility empowers users to engage with the NFT market in a way that aligns with their existing financial preferences and infrastructure.

Exciting Opportunities and Future Development:

To celebrate the launch of Kraken NFT, the platform has partnered with the Williams Racing Formula 1 team to offer an exclusive opportunity to showcase users’ favorite NFTs on the rear wing of an F1 car during a race this year. This unique collaboration exemplifies the true potential of NFT ownership and highlights the significance of digital assets in the world of sports and entertainment. Aspiring participants can look forward to more details on how they can win this opportunity and witness their NFTs zooming around the track at 200 mph. The partnership with Williams Racing signifies Kraken NFT’s commitment to fostering innovative and engaging experiences for its users.

Kraken NFT emphasizes that the end of the beta phase does not mark the end of development. The platform continues to build and introduce exciting perks and features to enhance the NFT ecosystem. Exclusive client-only drops in collaboration with Williams Racing and gas-free floor sweeping are just a glimpse of what users can expect in the future. With a dedication to security, ease of use, and ongoing innovation, Kraken NFT aims to shape the evolving landscape of NFTs.


Kraken NFT has officially launched as a comprehensive gateway to the world of NFTs, providing users with a diverse selection of over 250 NFT collections to explore, collect, and trade. With a focus on community, accessibility, and affordability, Kraken NFT challenges misconceptions surrounding NFT ownership. The platform offers gas-free trading, ensuring that users can participate in the NFT market without additional transaction costs. Additionally, Kraken NFT supports flexible payment options, allowing users to transact using their preferred cash or cryptocurrency.

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