Klaytn and Finschia Unite: Pioneering Asia’s Web3 Ecosystem Through Historic Merger


  • The Klaytn and Finschia Foundations have successfully passed the Klaytn<>Finschia Mainnet Merge Proposal (KGP-25), aiming to create Asia’s largest Web3 ecosystem by merging approximately 420 DApp services and over 45 governance members, with strong approval from their respective communities.
  • This merger, set to establish a unified foundation in Abu Dhabi by Q2 2024, will introduce a new era of decentralized blockchain functionality and tokenomics, emphasizing transparency, innovation, and community involvement to drive the future growth of the Asian blockchain sector.


On February 15, a significant stride was made in the blockchain arena as the Klaytn Foundation and Finschia Foundation jointly announced the successful passage of the Klaytn<>Finschia Mainnet Merge Proposal (KGP-25). Garnering widespread approval from both holder and governance communities, the landmark decision sets the stage for the creation of Asia’s most extensive Web3 ecosystem. The merge, which saw an impressive 95% and 90% approval rate from Finschia and Klaytn communities respectively, is poised to fuse the technological, service, and business acumen of both entities, heralding the emergence of Asia’s preeminent blockchain powerhouse.

The merger aims to consolidate approximately 420 DApp services and over 45 governance members under its umbrella, thereby laying the groundwork for an expansive blockchain ecosystem unparalleled in Asia. The amalgamation is not merely a merger of technologies but a fusion of visions, seeking to catapult Web3 into mainstream acceptance across the continent.

Klaytn and Finschia forging a new foundation

In pursuit of a seamless integration, a task force will be established to oversee the merging of the chains, culminating in the creation of a unified foundation based in Abu Dhabi, UAE, by the second quarter of 2024. The new foundation aims to introduce a single governance structure to ensure the efficient operation of the unified mainnet, embodying a commitment to transparency and equitable representation. Leadership will be shared equally between representatives from Finschia and Klaytn, embodying a collaborative spirit that promises to drive forward a new era of decentralized, integrated blockchain functionality compatible with EVM and CosmWasm.

The merge heralds a new phase of tokenomics, with KLAY and FNSA converging into a singular coin, thereby eliminating uncirculated virtual assets. The initiative is set to broaden governance delegation and community involvement, fostering an environment of heightened transparency and inclusivity. Moreover, the unified entity is determined to spearhead innovation within the Asian blockchain sector, laying down the infrastructure to cater to institutional demands, launching native stablecoins, and embarking on new business ventures in collaboration with strategic partners.

Voices of unity and innovation

The merger has been met with enthusiasm from leadership on both sides. Youngsu Ko, Chairman of the Finschia Foundation Council, emphasized the lack of a singular blockchain network that truly represents the Asian market and the need for increased community involvement. 

Sam Seo, Representative Director at Klaytn Foundation, highlighted the positive impact of collaborative dialogue with ecosystem participants on refining the merge proposal. Together, they envision building not just Asia’s largest blockchain ecosystem but a beacon of innovation and value creation for the future.


The merger represents a pivotal moment in the blockchain domain, signaling a unified effort to dominate Asia’s Web3 landscape. By leveraging collective strengths, Klaytn and Finschia are not just merging technologies; they’re merging dreams of a decentralized future, promising to usher in a new chapter of growth, innovation, and community-driven success in the blockchain ecosystem.

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