Keanu Reeves praises crypto – Here is what he has to say

Keanu Reeves praises crypto Here is what he has to sayKeanu Reeves praises crypto Here is what he has to say

In this post:

  • Keanu Reeves praised the principles behind cryptocurrencies and noted that they are amazing tools for the exchange and distribution of resources.
  • Reeves expressed concerns about the corporatocracy behind digital art technologies like AI and NFTs, stating that they’re cool but that there’s a risk of them being controlled by corporations.
  • The actor is an adviser to the Futureverse Foundation, a charitable organization launched by Non-Fungible Labs that supports underrepresented artists.

Recently, the actor Keanu Reeves, who is best known for his appearances in The Matrix and John Wick, gave an interview in which he discussed cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and the metaverse.

In a recent interview with Wired, Reeves discussed his worries, interests, and engagement with digital art and cryptocurrencies. Wired was the publication that conducted the interview.

What Keanu Reeves has to say

Reeves lauded the idea that underlies independent currencies, noting that he thinks they are remarkable mechanisms for the distribution of resources and the exchange of goods. He is of the opinion that ignoring cryptocurrency or its volatility will only serve to improve its level of security in the long run.

Reeves has voiced worry over the corporatocracy that lies behind digital art technology, such as AI and NFTs, despite the fact that he values these technologies and appreciates them.

He thinks that the technologies being discussed are interesting, but that there is a danger of large businesses gaining control of them.

Keanu Reeves argued that these businesses’ dominance over these technology allows them to manage not just the devices themselves but also the individuals who utilize them.

Reeves joined the Futureverse Foundation, a nonprofit organization established by Non-Fungible Laboratories, as a member of the company’s advisory board.

The mission of the Futureverse Foundation is to maintain the openness, vitality, and progression of the metaverse while also providing assistance for underrepresented artists.

Reeves said that his girlfriend, Alexandra Grant, is the one who is really passionate about the foundation, and that he is only following in her footsteps in this endeavor.

The performer added that the foundation’s goal is to take the technology that people are interested in and provide chances to artists who have a variety of perspectives on the subject.

Keanu Reeves’ skepticism on NFTs

In the past, Keanu Reeves has voiced his doubts over NFTs and has said that they are simple to manufacture. Reeves rejected NFT art as being “easily duplicated” in an interview to promote The Matrix Resurrections; he said this in the interview.

However, he expressed his skepticism about Facebook’s metaverse, adding that he didn’t want the concept to originate from Facebook.

Nonetheless, the actor has subsequently taken on the role of advisor for the digital art charity The Futureverse Foundation. This organization provides financial support to artists who are interested in working in the NFT realm.

Reeves expressed his worries to his friends and described the metaverse as a sensorium, a spectacle, and a system of control and manipulation.

He thinks that people are crouching down to look at the cave walls and seeing the projections without having the opportunity to look behind or to the side of them.

But, Reeves also expressed his opinions on Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta, claiming that it has generated more land, which implies that there is more land available for purchase as a result of it. Reeves continued by saying that it’s about the potential to create riches.

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