Jukai Studios Announces Closure Following Stray Souls’ Disastrous Launch


  • Jukai Studios closes due to poor “Stray Souls” reviews; Versus Evil’s future is uncertain.
  • “Stray Souls” disappoints, reveals tiny Jukai team; cyberbullying legal action taken.
  • Versus Evil’s games in limbo as Jukai Studios shuts down.

In a surprising turn, Jukai Studios, the developer behind the ill-fated 2023 release “Stray Souls,” has officially announced its closure. This announcement comes in the wake of Versus Evil, their publisher, facing imminent shutdown after over a decade in the industry

The studio, consisting of just two core individuals and a few contracted collaborators, has cited various reasons for its downfall, including the disappointing performance of “Stray Souls,” issues in managing the studio, and an ongoing struggle with cyberbullying.

A two-person studio’s struggle

Jukai Studios’ revelation of its minimal team size sheds new light on the development process behind “Stray Souls.” Previously undisclosed, the fact that the studio comprised only two core individuals and some contracted help raises questions about their challenges while creating their ambitious title. 

The studio’s decision to keep this information under wraps until now adds to their operations’ mystery.

“Stray Souls,” the highly anticipated title from Jukai Studios, faced harsh criticism from players and reviewers, making it one of the worst-reviewed Steam titles of 2023. 

With an unfavorable score on Metacritic and a “Mostly Negative” rating on Steam, the game failed to meet the expectations set by its developers and fanbase alike. The reasons behind its lackluster performance remain a topic of discussion among the gaming community.

Versus Evil’s uncertain future

In parallel to Jukai Studios’ demise, their publisher, Versus Evil, is also grappling with an uncertain future. Despite Versus Evil having a handful of titles in the pipeline, including “Monolith: Requiem of the Ancients,” “Lil’ Guardsman,” “Tamarak Trail,” and “Broken Roads,” the fate of these games and their respective studios remains unclear. 

The potential closure of Versus Evil raises concerns about the fate of these upcoming releases, leaving fans in anticipation of any potential saviors willing to revive these projects.

Jukai Studios’ announcement also touched upon the matter of a “cyber persecutor,” indicating that they have taken legal action to address this issue. 

While specifics regarding this situation remain undisclosed, the studio emphasized that the matter is now in the hands of their legal representatives. This development raises awareness about the increasing prevalence of cyberbullying within the gaming industry and its potential consequences.

The news of Jukai Studios’ closure and the struggles faced by “Stray Souls” have sparked discussions within the gaming community. 

Players and industry insiders alike are contemplating the challenges faced by small indie studios, the impact of cyberbullying, and publishers’ responsibility to ensure the success of their partnered developers.

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