JPMorgan debunks notion of Bitcoin ETFs impacting gold ETFs


  • JPMorgan’s research shows Bitcoin ETFs haven’t caused significant outflows from gold ETFs.
  • Despite Bitcoin ETFs attracting $10.6 billion, gold ETFs’ outflows started before Bitcoin ETFs’ rise.
  • Private investors have shifted from gold ETFs to buying $229 billion in gold bars and coins.

Rumors have been swirling, guys. They say Bitcoin, the so-called “digital gold,” is elbowing its way into the gold ETFs’ lunch, gobbling up investments as it grows. But hold your horses! Recent digs by JPMorgan have thrown cold water on this fiery claim, suggesting that the rise of Bitcoin ETFs isn’t really causing investors to ditch gold ETFs in droves.

The Great Investment Shift: Myth or Reality?

Here’s the scoop. As the world first dipped its toes into Bitcoin ETFs in the US, these digital darlings raked in a hefty $10.6 billion globally up to March 14, even with some investors pulling out their stakes from the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust, the big kahuna of Bitcoin funds. Meanwhile, gold ETFs saw a drain of $7.7 billion, despite the shiny metal hitting a record price of $2,200 per ounce. This set tongues wagging, with speculation that investors were swapping their gold bars for digital bytes in their portfolio mix.

However, this is where JPMorgan steps in with a “Not so fast, cowboy!” Their analysis tells a different tale. It turns out the gold ETF bleed started way back in April 2022, well before Bitcoin ETFs became the new kids on the block, and this trend hasn’t picked up speed with the introduction of Bitcoin ETFs.

Diving deeper, it’s clear the story isn’t just about ETF flows. The World Gold Council’s data reveals a whopping $229 billion poured into gold bars and coins by private investors from September 2020 to December 2023. Plus, central banks have been on a gold buying spree, adding $155 billion to their reserves, pointing to a strong appetite for gold outside of ETFs.

Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou, a JPMorgan strategist, sheds light on this. He argues that the move away from gold ETFs towards bars and coins doesn’t signify a loss of interest in gold but rather a shift in how people prefer to hold their assets. Since the pandemic hit, folks have been valuing privacy and tangibility more, making the traceable and registered nature of ETFs less appealing compared to the good old hold-in-your-hand gold bars and coins.

But what about central banks, you ask? Their gold craze isn’t about joining the Bitcoin bandwagon. It’s more about diversifying reserves with assets that are less likely to be affected by Western sanctions or dependent on Western custody arrangements.

Bitcoin’s Place in the Investment World

Now, let’s not get it twisted. Bitcoin ETFs have indeed seen a solid inflow of cash, but this doesn’t mean there’s a mass exodus from gold to Bitcoin. Direct sales of Bitcoin on exchanges have seen a $6 billion drop, indicating that the buzz around Bitcoin ETFs might be more about investors shifting their existing crypto holdings for a taste of that regulatory protection and convenience ETFs offer, rather than a flood of new money into the crypto space.

The whole gold versus Bitcoin ETF saga also overlooks another player in the game – the momentum traders. These folks have been snapping up futures contracts linked to both gold and Bitcoin, adding another layer of complexity to the investment flows and market dynamics.

Experts from the World Gold Council, Morningstar, and various investment management firms chime in with a collective nod. They acknowledge that while there might be a sprinkle of investors hopping from gold to Bitcoin, the broader investment landscape shows gold is far from losing its shine. Central banks and traditional gold buyers in emerging markets are sticking to their guns, and the narrative that Bitcoin ETFs are draining life out of gold investments doesn’t quite hold up.

To cap it off, the future remains a big question mark. Yes, Bitcoin, with its digital allure, might continue to draw in the young and tech-savvy investors, potentially nudging some away from gold ETFs. But as things stand, the gold market is vast and varied, and ETFs are just one piece of the puzzle. The love for gold is alive and kicking, just taking on different forms beyond the ETF sphere.

So, there you have it.

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