JPMorgan believes banking crisis will get much worse


  • JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon warns that the US banking crisis could worsen unless the Federal Reserve takes proactive measures.
  • Dimon believes that the issue lies in inadequate supervision and that simply adding more regulations is not the solution.
  • Stress tests may provide a false sense of security, with banks potentially overlooking other issues.

JPMorgan Chase’s CEO Jamie Dimon has expressed his concerns about the future of the banking industry in the United States, warning that the current crisis could worsen unless the Federal Reserve takes proactive measures rather than relying solely on increasing regulations.

In an interview with Bloomberg Television on May 11, Dimon offered his perspective on the recent collapse of three major U.S. banks and emphasized the need for a more holistic approach to address the challenges facing the financial sector.

A supervision problem

According to Dimon, the root of the issue lies in inadequate supervision, with bank CEOs and board members being the primary individuals responsible.

While regulators typically focus on ensuring that banks comply with existing rules, Dimon argues that simply adding more regulations to the Federal Reserve’s 200,000-page stress test is not the answer to the ongoing banking crisis.

In fact, he claims that over-regulation could actually hinder banks’ ability to conduct business, as evidenced by the increasing number of compliance personnel at community banks.

Dimon questions the effectiveness of the stress tests, asserting that an overemphasis on them can lead banks to overlook other potential issues.

He believes that relying solely on these tests provides a false sense of security, and suggests that the Federal Reserve has failed to foresee problems in the industry, with none of its governors predicting the current crisis.

Instead of simply piling on more regulations, Dimon proposes a comprehensive reevaluation of the existing regulatory framework. He emphasizes the need for a balanced approach that allows banks to operate efficiently while still maintaining a robust system of oversight.

JPMorgan’s concerns and preparations

Dimon’s comments are not the first instance of JPMorgan executives expressing concerns about banking regulations. In April, J.P. Morgan Asset Management’s CIO, Bob Michele, stated that First Republic Bank’s liquidity issues should never have occurred, given that banking is among the most heavily regulated industries globally.

As JPMorgan prepares to acquire First Republic Bank’s assets following a failed rescue attempt, Dimon revealed that the bank is holding weekly meetings to discuss the potential implications of a U.S. default.

The bank plans to increase the frequency of these meetings as the debt limit standoff continues, ultimately holding them three times a day if necessary.

Regional banks and future regulations

While Dimon acknowledges that regional banks are currently in a strong position after reporting positive earnings, he urges the industry and regulators to prepare for potential problems.

He anticipates further regulation of banks but stresses the importance of proceeding cautiously. Additionally, he expressed hope that regulatory bodies, including the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), would investigate short selling on bank stocks and potential collusion via social media posts.

In summary, JPMorgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon has warned of a potentially worsening banking crisis in the United States and called for a more proactive and balanced approach from the Federal Reserve.

As the financial sector grapples with the challenges of collapsed banks and potential defaults, it remains to be seen whether regulators will heed Dimon’s advice and adopt a more comprehensive strategy for addressing these issues.

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