John E Deaton Announces Investment in Spend The Bits Amidst Lightning Network Security Concerns

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  • John E Deaton announces his involvement with Spend The Bits as both an angel investor and its Chief Legal Officer.
  • Deaton endorses Spend The Bits as a superior alternative to the Lightning Network for spending Bitcoin.
  • A top Bitcoin developer reportedly discovers a significant security risk in the Lightning Network.
  • Allegations suggest intentional backdoors in the Lightning Network’s code that could allow attackers full control.

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, key influencers and thought leaders often shape the direction and perception of various projects and technologies. One such influential figure is John E Deaton, a recognized name in the crypto community known for his insights and involvement in various blockchain initiatives.

Recently, Deaton took to Twitter to make a significant announcement regarding his latest venture. In a candid and transparent tweet, he revealed his involvement with Spend The Bits, not just as an angel investor but also as its Chief Legal Officer. This announcement, coupled with Deaton’s subsequent comments on the Lightning Network’s security concerns, has stirred discussions and speculations within the crypto sphere.

As we delve deeper into the details of this revelation, it’s essential to understand the context and potential implications of Deaton’s statements for the broader cryptocurrency community.

John E Deaton’s Involvement with Spend The Bits:

John E Deaton’s recent tweet was both an announcement and a declaration of transparency. He openly shared his dual role with Spend The Bits: as an angel investor and its Chief Legal Officer. Such a move is not just a testament to Deaton’s commitment to the project but also a reflection of his belief in its potential.

Spend The Bits, for those unfamiliar, is an emerging platform in the cryptocurrency space. While the specifics of its offerings and services are yet to be fully unveiled, Deaton’s association with the platform speaks volumes about its promise.

In his tweet, Deaton emphasized the importance of viewing his comments in light of his involvement with Spend The Bits. This level of transparency is both commendable and necessary, especially in an industry where trust and credibility play pivotal roles. By being upfront about his association, Deaton not only sets a precedent for transparency but also ensures that his audience is well-informed when interpreting his views and opinions.

Reasons Behind Deaton’s Investment:

John E Deaton’s decision to invest in Spend The Bits wasn’t made on a whim. His tweet sheds light on a significant reason behind his investment choice: his genuine belief in Spend The Bits as a superior alternative for spending Bitcoin, especially when compared to the Lightning Network.

The Lightning Network, designed as a second-layer solution to Bitcoin’s scalability issues, has been both lauded and criticized since its inception. While it promises faster transaction speeds and lower fees, concerns about its security and reliability have been persistent.

Deaton’s endorsement of Spend The Bits over the Lightning Network is noteworthy. It suggests that Spend The Bits might offer solutions or features that address some of the concerns associated with the Lightning Network. While Deaton didn’t delve into the specifics in his tweet, his confidence in the platform is evident.

Furthermore, his tweet hinted at breaking news regarding a top Bitcoin developer’s discovery of a significant security risk in the Lightning Network. This revelation, which alleges the presence of intentional backdoors in the Lightning Network’s code, could potentially allow attackers to gain full control. Such a claim, if validated, could have profound implications for the Lightning Network and its users.

Concerns About the Lightning Network:

The Lightning Network hailed as a revolutionary solution to Bitcoin’s scalability challenges, has been under the microscope for various reasons. John E Deaton’s tweet brought to light a pressing concern that could potentially shake the foundation of this second-layer solution.

According to Deaton’s tweet, a prominent Bitcoin developer recently unearthed a massive security vulnerability within the Lightning Network. This revelation is alarming, especially considering the developer’s claim of intentional backdoors embedded within the Lightning Network’s code. Such backdoors, if exploited, could grant attackers unfettered access and control, jeopardizing the assets and privacy of its users.

The gravity of this claim cannot be understated. If substantiated, it could lead to a significant loss of trust in the Lightning Network, prompting users to seek alternative solutions for their transaction needs. It also raises pertinent questions about the oversight and scrutiny of open-source projects, emphasizing the need for rigorous code reviews and transparent development processes.

While the crypto community awaits further details and clarifications on this matter, the news serves as a stark reminder of the ever-present challenges in ensuring the security and reliability of blockchain technologies.


John E Deaton’s recent revelations have undoubtedly sent ripples through the cryptocurrency community. His endorsement of Spend The Bits over the Lightning Network, combined with alarming security concerns about the latter, emphasizes the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of blockchain technologies. As users and investors, it’s crucial to stay informed, critically evaluate new information, and make decisions based on thorough research. Deaton’s transparent approach serves as a reminder of the importance of trust and credibility in the crypto world. As the story unfolds, it will be interesting to see how the broader community responds and what steps are taken to address the highlighted concerns.

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