John Deaton raises alarm over SEC’s possible Bitcoin security tag


  • The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) recent actions hint at a potential shift in its view of Bitcoin, possibly classifying it as a security.
  • Attorney John Deaton, a key figure in crypto law, has expressed concerns about the SEC’s approach towards Bitcoin, especially in light of BlackRock’s proposed Bitcoin ETF.
  • The amendment in BlackRock’s S-1 filing, prompted by the SEC, has raised alarms in the crypto community due to its implications for Bitcoin’s legal status.

In recent developments, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) approach towards Bitcoin has sparked debate and worry among cryptocurrency enthusiasts and legal experts. Attorney John Deaton, a prominent figure in the crypto legal landscape, has voiced his concerns regarding the possibility of Bitcoin being classified as a security by the SEC. This discussion gains significance in the SEC’s recent interactions with BlackRock regarding their proposed Bitcoin ETF.

Bitcoin’s security status: A controversial debate

The issue revolves around the SEC’s stance on Bitcoin’s classification. Despite previous affirmations by SEC officials, including Chairman Gary Gensler, that Bitcoin is not considered a security, recent events suggest a potential shift in this perspective. The amendment in BlackRock’s S-1 filing, prompted by the SEC, includes language about anti-money laundering and monitoring unusual price movements. This move has been interpreted by some, including Joe Carlasare, a market observer and pro-Bitcoin litigator, as the SEC’s inclination to view Bitcoin under the security umbrella.

The concerns are rooted in a document highlighted by Carlasare, suggesting that any SEC enforcement action deeming Bitcoin security could materially impact its trading value and related investments. This perspective gains weight considering the SEC’s historical ambiguity in its stance on cryptocurrencies, as evidenced in the Ripple case, where the commission’s lawyers stated that no official position on Bitcoin and Ethereum had been taken.

John Deaton’s warnings and the crypto community’s response

John Deaton has been vocal about the risks associated with the SEC’s broad language, especially following its actions against XRP and other tokens. He points out the dismissal of his earlier warnings about Bitcoin’s potential security classification by many, including Bitcoin proponents like Michael Saylor. Deaton’s position reflects a deep-seated skepticism towards the SEC’s consistency in regulatory approaches, leading to his asserting potential bias within the commission.

Last year, Deaton cautioned the Bitcoin community about the possibility of the SEC turning its regulatory focus onto Bitcoin, labeling it a security. This warning followed Saylor’s urging of the SEC to take action against Ethereum and Ripple. Deaton emphasized the risk of such support backfiring, as the SEC could unpredictably alter its stance on Bitcoin.

The ongoing debate underscores the complex and evolving nature of cryptocurrency regulation. The SEC’s position on Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market cap, holds significant implications for the broader crypto market and investor sentiment. As legal and market experts like John Deaton continue to scrutinize the SEC’s moves, the crypto community remains on alert for any shifts in regulatory attitudes that could redefine the landscape of digital assets.

The uncertainty surrounding Bitcoin’s classification by the SEC and the commission’s historical ambiguity paint a picture of an evolving regulatory landscape. As stakeholders like John Deaton remain vigilant, the crypto community awaits clearer guidance from the SEC, which will undoubtedly have far-reaching implications for the future of cryptocurrencies.

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