Jellycoin for waste management is backed by Argentinian government

jellycoin for waste management

Jellycoin for waste management is the newest and latest addition to the cryptocurrency sphere hailing out of Argentina and backed by the government itself.

The crypto world is constantly evolving, and it would not be wrong to call it the hub of innovation. Recently, Argentine’s Ministry of Industry came up with this brilliant idea of waste coins. This is an initiative to promote effective waste management among citizens.

So what is Jellycoin for waste management?

In Misiones Province of Argentine, the Ministry of Industry made an announcement that it will be rewarding its citizens with a new digital currency JellyCoin to those who will handle their trash efficiently.

This blockchain-powered token JellyCoin for waste management is the new waste commodity that will be granted to those who will be complying with the environmental regulations.

Moreover, this initiative seeks to promote effective waste management among the citizens and will create an awareness regarding the environmental degradation that results due to inadequate waste management.

How Jellycoin for waste management works?

Those residents who are willing to be a part of this project are only required to create an account on the network of JellyCoin and get registered as a trash collector, producer, or generator.

The producers will then upload all the information related to the items which would be discarded; this platform will connect these producers to a collector, which is the one who will be sorting particular items such as metals, plastics, and organic waste.

These collectors then deliver the sorted trash to the generators, who then process this waste material at the assigned locations.

At the end of this whole process, everyone who participated would be rewarded or the management of waste in the form of waste coin.

This is not the first time a cryptocurrency is being used for social uplift in a country. Blockchain and cryptocurrency are providing various solutions to governments across the globe in order to improve the quality of life within their jurisdiction.

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