Japanese AI Analysis Suggests Multiple Putin Body Doubles Used for Public Appearances


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  • Japanese researchers claim AI reveals multiple Putin body doubles.
  • Voice analysis highlights discrepancies in Putin’s public appearances.
  • Use of doubles for high-risk events poses potential exposure.

In a recent development that has stirred global intrigue, Japanese researchers have asserted that Russian President Vladimir Putin has been employing a series of body doubles for various public appearances. Utilizing cutting-edge AI-enhanced facial recognition, voice comparison, and body movement scrutiny, these experts claim to have unearthed compelling evidence of multiple Putins, each exhibiting distinct voice patterns and mannerisms.

AI facial recognition points to the existence of multiple body doubles

Employing sophisticated AI facial recognition technology, the research findings reportedly demonstrated a high likelihood of the presence of at least two body doubles. The team responsible for the investigation delved into meticulous scrutiny, examining various public appearances purportedly made by Putin. Their analysis revealed significant disparities in the Russian president’s vocal delivery and physical gestures, raising suspicions about the authenticity of these appearances.

Voice analysis reveals pronunciation discrepancies in key utterances

Further adding to the growing body of evidence, voice analysis conducted at Japan’s Institute of Audio Communication Laboratory shed light on inconsistencies in the pronunciation of the word “spasibo,” which translates to “thank you” in Russian. The analysis emphasized a stark difference in the enunciation of specific phonetic components, particularly in instances where ‘Putin’ addressed distinct public forums. Graphical representations were showcased, clearly illustrating the contrasting emphasis and pronunciation styles, leading experts to suggest the plausibility of the voices belonging to different individuals.

The risky utilization of body doubles in High-Stake engagements

Despite the potential risks associated with using body doubles for public engagements, the researchers highlighted instances where these doppelgängers were purportedly deployed, including a military support concert and a high-profile visit to Mariupol. Notably, a striking revelation emerged regarding the deployment of the same double at these events, even in front of large audiences. The broadcast underscored the precarious nature of this practice, emphasizing the vulnerability of such a strategy to potential exposure and public scrutiny.

Speculations and insights from experts and observers

Eminent figures within the journalistic and intelligence communities also chimed in on the controversy, providing their perspectives on the matter. Akiyoshi Komaki, an esteemed member of the Asahi newspaper’s editorial board, pointed out the feasibility of utilizing a body double in certain scenarios, citing a significant public event where the president’s appearance might be less scrutinized. Additionally, observations from former KGB spy Sergei Zhirnov further fueled speculation about the possible use of body doubles, particularly during an appearance where Putin’s behavior seemingly deviated from his typical demeanor.

These recent findings have reignited long-standing speculations about Putin’s use of stand-ins or body doubles, sparking renewed interest and debate within diplomatic and political circles worldwide. As this contentious narrative continues to unfold, the implications of these claims on international relations and public trust remain subjects of intense deliberation and analysis.

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