Japan will have to consider ETH smart contracts if lockdown measures in place


TL:DR Breakdown

  • ETH smart contracts are the best for remote work.
  • A lockdown for Japan may occur.
  • Japan is in its third Covid-19 wave.
  • 555 people have covid-19 severe symptoms.

Japan may consider ETH smart contracts if lockdown measures in place

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Japan’s third covid-19 wave may force the country into lockdown and to adopt ETH smart contracts. Japan has not felt the Covid beast and its powers of mass destruction until recently.

Today it was recorded by the Kyodo news agency that 555 people have ended up with severe symptoms and in the hospital because of Covid-19. Japan is so ill-prepared for the masses in desperate need of help.

Military nurses were asked to assist with the overflow in hospitals. In Japan, a total of 2,811 brand spanking new infections were recorded yesterday.

Japan’s Covid cases have pushed health experts to ward off people from traveling in and out of the country. Six regions within Japan, including tourist spots, reported infections.

Japan has experienced 45,000 cases in total. So far the Government has had to backtrack on its scheme Go To Travel which they hoped would restore tourism.

The Government may have to concede its plans to avoid a national lockdown, forcing businesses to explore ways to function remotely.

Japan avoided lockdown

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Japanese companies are clueless about the best ways for people to work from home because they have not enforced lockdown. Way back in July 2020, the Japanese Government declared it would control Covid-19 without lockdowns to save its economy.

Avoiding lockdown now may not be practical when you look at the number of covid-19 cases, but it was in June when Japan only had 1,000 cases. When every other country had figures of covid-19 cases in the 100,000 the Japanese people were fine.

In the future for Japan to thrive this tech-savvy country may lean on ETH smart contracts if it ends up in a lockdown.

ETH solution

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The Ethereum blockchain is a tech phenomenon because it can store data which when a particular code called smart contracts is inputted specific tasks can occur. Thanks to ETH smart contracts, businesses can find creative ways of engaging their employees even while they are at home.

You can use ETH to pay employees, do trade transactions as well as dealing with supply chains all over the world, and more efficiently than ever. With remote working, there are so many factors at play concerning one’s laptop.

A laptop can have poor wifi or even poor security conditions that could not only put their work at risk, but also their private details, and the companies could be easily hacked into.

Thanks to Ethereum 2.0 the network can function well even if attacks happen because there will be 16 validators guarding the system. ETH 2.0 is excellent for ensuring people’s information is kept private because data can be encrypted so that information is shared only with relevant parties.

ETH 2.0 is speedy and can operate up to 100 transactions every second and hundreds of transactions in minutes at a low cost.

It is essential now more than ever that Japan gets itself ready for what the future may hold. It may have managed to avoid lockdowns before, but it certainly will not be able to avoid them forever.

Companies will have to explore the best most effective way to allow employees to work from home. The ultimate solution for Japan’s economy is ETH smart contracts.

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