Jailed Silk Road founder set to auction NFT series

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  • Jailed Silk Road founder sat to auction NFT series
  • The NFTs will be auctioned from December 2 to 8
  • Twitter users are torn over support for Ulbricht

Non Fungible Tokens, or NFTs as they are fondly called, have been crushing the entire crypto markets, gaining popularity. Although it is not something that has gained massive popularity, the adoption is increasing by the day. In recent news about NFTs, jailed Silk Road boss Ross Ulbricht has announced that he will float his NFTs starting December 2. Going by his post earlier today on Twitter, Ulbricht will sell his Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection.

The NFTs will be auctioned from December 2 to 8

According to further details, the drop is scheduled to drop on the famous marketplace, Superare, and will last from December 2 through December 8. The NFTs, as explained in the post, were arts made by the Silk Road founder, which were minted into NFTs by some of his fans. The arts that make up the NFTs consist of various arts that Ulbricht made while growing up and even after he was convicted and sent to jail.

The first few arts were majorly comical drawings he made while growing up, with the rest just bits and pieces from his court appearances and all-around art drawings. According to the statement, all the money made from the auction will be put into efforts geared towards making sure that Ulbricht regains his freedom from custody. Some of the funds have also been earmarked to be paid to Art4Giving, a charity organization tasked with helping jailed victims and their families.

Twitter users are torn over support for Ulbricht

Ulbricht has been in the news for bad and controversial reasons after being sentenced to jail in 2015. Before jail, Ulbricht was the founder of Silk Road, a dark web marketplace where most activities carried out were illicit. For example, since the marketplace launched in 2011, it afforded all types of users access to legal and illegal stuff provided they can pay with leading digital asset, Bitcoin. The update on Twitter took most by surprise as people have now started to choose sides. While a small part of the population does not support Ulbricht, most users think he should use it to get freed from prison.

According to a user, even though Ulbricht’s cause for the auction is good, normalizing Ponzi NFTs is now overreaching as regulators need to do something. Others with the same school of thought think that although there are more immoral things to do, NFTs are also a greater evil than most. Some think that even though those that favor Bitcoin might be against Ulbricht, he was integral in pushing for the adoption of the asset during the early period.

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