Jack Dorsey’s TBD leaps forward with Web5, opening the path for the next phase of the internet


  • TBD, a Jack Dorsey’s Block subsidiary, has launched an open-source toolkit for its Web5 project, enabling developers to create decentralized internet applications.
  • The Web5 platform prioritizes user autonomy and features wallets as agents for identity and data interactions, decentralized identifiers (DIDs), and secure digital certificates known as verified credentials (VCs).
  • This move marks a significant shift toward a decentralized internet landscape, with the full Web5 platform set for a late 2023 release.

Spearheading the decentralized digital revolution, TBD, a subsidiary of Jack Dorsey’s fintech firm Block (SQ), announced the launch of an innovative open-source toolkit for its Web5 project at Bitcoin 2023 in Miami. Designed to empower developers to craft decentralized internet applications, this initial release marks the dawn of an ambitious project promising to reshape the internet.

Unlocking a new frontier with Web5

The core of the Web5 toolkit revolves around three ground-breaking technologies. First, decentralized identifiers (DIDs), like email addresses, ensure tamper-proof, self-owned identifiers. Second, verified credentials (VCs) provide secure digital certification that confirms legally valid data such as name, age, and asset ownership. Lastly, decentralized web nodes (DWNs) enable data to be stored in a decentralized manner, breaking free from conventional centralized models.

The toolkit’s launch sets the stage for the full Web5 platform’s debut in late 2023. However, developers are encouraged to construct decentralized applications on TBD’s developer platform.

“Bitcoin is one of those open protocols for freedom,” commented Mike Brock, General Manager of TBD at Block, asserting his confidence in the potential of Web5 to mirror such liberty in the digital realm.

One of the flagship applications on the Web5 platform will be a remittance application serving Africa and Mexico, which utilizes Bitcoin and stablecoins as payment rails. This development is based on TBDex, another TBD open-source project that facilitates liquidity discovery and asset exchange.

Web5: A beacon of user empowerment

As the brainchild of Dorsey, Twitter’s founder, and CEO of Block, Web5 is positioned to revolutionize the internet landscape by prioritizing user autonomy. The novel platform encapsulates several key elements designed to create a delightful user experience while reinstating individuals’ data ownership and identity.

To facilitate this, Web5 uses wallets as agents for identity and data interactions for individuals and institutions. Meanwhile, decentralized web nodes serve as personal data stores that securely harbor public and encrypted data. The result? Decentralized web applications that capitalize on decentralized identity and data storage capabilities to transform user experiences.

Web5’s groundbreaking toolkit will also feature internationally recognized standards for decentralized identifiers (DIDs), eliminating reliance on centralized entities and underlining individual control. Moreover, it will encompass self-sovereign identity services and software development kits, providing the essential tools for utilizing DIDs and verifiable credentials.

Dorsey, a long-time advocate for a “free and open protocol” for social media, has ambitiously sought to bypass the Web3 model entirely. Instead, his Web5, powered by Bitcoin, is a Bitcoin-centric model for identity management set to shake up the traditional concept of the internet.

As the Bitcoin Conference 2023 unfolds in Miami Beach, attracting BTC supporters from across the globe, TBD’s pioneering Web5 launch is already making waves, marking a significant stride towards democratizing the digital space.

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