Jack Dorsey Spearheads $6.2 Million Investment in Revolutionary Bitcoin Mining Pool OCEAN

Jack Dorsey Spearheads $6.2 Million Investment in Revolutionary Bitcoin Mining Pool OCEAN

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  • Jack Dorsey leads a $6.2 million investment in OCEAN, a decentralized Bitcoin mining pool, aiming to enhance Bitcoin’s decentralization.
  • Binance announces new trading pairs, including TerraClassicUSD (USTC) and BLUR, responding to growing demand and diversifying trading options.




In a groundbreaking move for the cryptocurrency sector, Jack Dorsey, the renowned billionaire, and Twitter founder, has led a significant investment round in a decentralized Bitcoin mining pool named OCEAN. 

The innovative venture, which raised an impressive $6.2 million in seed funding, is set to redefine the landscape of Bitcoin mining by introducing a non-custodial payout system that directly disburses earnings to miners. The development not only represents a significant shift in the mining process but also underscores Dorsey’s ongoing commitment to advancing the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Decentralizing Bitcoin mining: A new era

Traditionally, Bitcoin mining pools have operated under a centralized system where the pool administrators hold complete control over the distribution of block rewards and transaction fees. The centralized control has often led to concerns about the potential for withholding payments to miners and the overarching influence of these administrators on the mining process. Such a system, while efficient, has raised questions about the true decentralization of Bitcoin.

OCEAN’s approach to Bitcoin mining is a game-changer. By implementing a non-custodial payout system, OCEAN ensures that earnings from block rewards are directly distributed to miners, bypassing the traditional pool administrators. The method not only mitigates the risks associated with centralized control but also aligns with the fundamental principles of Bitcoin – decentralization and autonomy. The seed funding, led by Jack Dorsey, is earmarked to support the launch and development of OCEAN, marking a significant step towards decentralizing Bitcoin mining.

Luke Dashjr, a respected Bitcoin Core developer and co-founder of Mummolin, has also emphasized the importance of the shift. He notes that changing the role of mining pools is crucial for establishing Bitcoin as a genuinely decentralized currency. The sentiment is echoed by Dorsey, who has expressed deep respect for OCEAN’s mission, recognizing the need to address the centralization issues plaguing traditional mining pools.

Jack Dorsey’s vision for bitcoin

Jack Dorsey’s involvement in the cryptocurrency space is not new. He has been a vocal advocate for Bitcoin and has actively participated in various initiatives aimed at enhancing its utility and scalability. His efforts include working on the Bitcoin Lightning Network, which aims to improve the blockchain‘s scalability, and his recent financial commitment to Brink, a Web 3.0 hub dedicated to supporting developers within the Bitcoin network.

Under what is being termed the “Jack Dorsey Commitment,” a total of $5,000,000 has been pledged to support the advancement of the Bitcoin protocol. The funding is to be disbursed over five years, with an annual allocation of $1 million. Dorsey’s steadfast dedication to bolstering Bitcoin’s development is evident in these initiatives, reflecting his belief in the cryptocurrency’s potential to revolutionize the financial world.

Market movements and XRP Whale report

In related cryptocurrency news, the market has witnessed intriguing movements, particularly concerning XRP. Whale Alert, a blockchain tracking platform, reported a significant transfer of 25 million XRP to Bitstamp, a digital asset exchange. The transfer, executed by an unknown wallet, amounted to approximately $15.19 million. Additionally, another substantial transfer of 32.07 million XRP to Bithumb, a cryptocurrency exchange, was noted, sparking discussions among traders and market analysts.

Despite these large transfers to exchanges, which typically indicate a potential increase in supply and a corresponding decrease in demand, XRP’s price has surprisingly surged. Over the past twenty-four hours, XRP experienced a 2.08% increase, reaching $0.6112. The upward trend is somewhat contradictory to the expected market response to such large-scale dumping of tokens. Furthermore, XRP has seen a significant upswing of 3.13% over the past week and a monthly increase of 12.20%, fueling curiosity and speculation within the crypto markets.


The recent investment led by Jack Dorsey in the decentralized Bitcoin mining pool OCEAN, along with the introduction of new trading pairs by Binance, marks a significant shift in the cryptocurrency landscape. Dorsey’s commitment to decentralization and innovation in Bitcoin mining, coupled with Binance’s expansion to accommodate emerging cryptocurrencies, reflects the dynamic and evolving nature of the digital currency world. These developments not only offer new opportunities for investors and traders but also underscore the growing importance of decentralization and diversification in the crypto market. As the industry continues to evolve, such initiatives are likely to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

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