IT Professionals Express Mixed Sentiments on AI, Reveals SolarWinds Study


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  • SolarWinds study shows 44% of IT professionals view AI positively, with 48% pushing for stricter rules.
  • Salesforce finds only 21% of companies have a defined AI policy, raising concerns about ethical governance.
  • SolarWinds calls for internal AI education and clear regulations to bridge the divide among IT professionals, emphasizing the need for transparency and collaboration.

A recent study conducted by SolarWinds has shed light on the sentiments of IT professionals towards artificial intelligence (AI) tools, revealing a mixed landscape of opinions. Less than half, or 44%, of surveyed IT professionals reported having a positive view of AI. Surprisingly, despite the increasing adoption of AI in various sectors, a mere 28% of IT professionals currently use AI in their workplaces. The study also found that 48% of respondents are advocating for more stringent compliance and governance requirements for AI.

A noteworthy finding from the study is that a quarter of the participants believe that AI could pose a threat to society beyond the workplace. The study does not delve into the specific nature of the perceived threat, but it aligns with previous research indicating that workers fear job insecurity with the rise of productivity-boosting AI tools.

Limited AI policies in companies

In a separate study by Salesforce, it was revealed that only 21% of companies have a clearly defined policy on AI. This lack of a structured approach to AI governance is further underscored by the fact that nearly two in five companies, or 37%, failed to have any form of AI policy in place. The absence of comprehensive policies raises questions about how organizations are navigating the ethical and operational implications of AI integration.

Sascha Giese, Tech Evangelist at SolarWinds, suggests that many IT organizations need an internal AI literacy campaign. Such campaigns would aim to educate professionals on specific AI use cases, distinctions between AI subsets, and ways to channel AI’s productivity benefits into innovation. Giese emphasizes the importance of properly regulated AI deployments, stating that these will not only benefit employees and customers but also contribute positively to the broader workforce.

Transparency and collaboration urged for the future

Looking ahead, SolarWinds advocates for more transparency regarding AI concerns and a collaborative, open discussion at all levels of an organization. The call for a more informed and inclusive approach to AI implementation is crucial in addressing the negative perceptions among IT professionals and fostering a more positive and accepting environment for AI technologies.

The findings from SolarWinds’ study highlight the existing divide in perceptions among IT professionals regarding AI tools. While the technology promises enhanced productivity and innovation, a significant portion of the workforce remains skeptical, expressing concerns about job security and societal implications. The call for internal AI literacy campaigns and proper regulation underscores the need for organizations to actively address these concerns and bridge the gap in understanding and acceptance.

In a landscape where AI adoption is on the rise, the study serves as a reminder that successful integration requires more than just technological implementation. It necessitates a holistic approach that includes education, regulation, and transparent communication to create an environment where AI can be embraced confidently by IT professionals and organizations alike.

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