Israeli man indicted in $9m crypto dash scam

It was reported by the local news on Thursday 18th April, that Afek Zard is facing charges for stealing 74.990.74 DASH worth over nine million dollars ($9m) from Yarmolenko, his roommate.

The reported amount of stolen coins is over some eighty-five percent (85%) of the overall Dash circulating supply. The victim of this crime is Alexie Yaromenko, who is a young crypto-investor in Israel having gathered digital assets over the last 6 years.

According to the report by News 1, a local news network, Yarmolenko himself Afek about the crypto space and the art of trading crypto-currency before the crime took place. According to the charges filed by Giora Hazan, the attorney, Afeki had acquired a key to Yaromenko’s residence and was able to access it in his absence.

The report states that the coins were last in the victim’s wallet on the 1st of March.   The price of Dash at this time was eighty-two and a half dollars ($82.5) per unit. As per the prosecutor’s claim, Zard used Yarmenko’s computer to sneak into his personal accounts and steal private information for gaining access to his digital wallets.

It is suggested that Zard might have had help for stealing the contents of the victim’s crypto wallets. Furthermore, the report states that Zard is also facing allegations of stealing in aggravated conditions, cyber offense, and money laundering.

In a similar incident, a group of people has been identified by the Manhattan district attorney, to be laundering huge amounts of money with BTC and also selling drugs.