Shiba Inu sets to launch Shibarium Testnets this week


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  • On June 8, the XUN/XFUND Mainnet upgrade is expected to become active
  • Shibarium developer ‘Unification’ provides updates on Shiba Inu’s 

Shibarium’s release sparked a social-media frenzy, with many people speculating when it would be announced. As the Shiba Inu Community awaits some information about the planned Layer-2 launch from the upcoming XFUND Mainnet upgrade, rumors regarding its release have resurfaced all over social media platforms, especially on Twitter.

Unification $FUND is a hybrid blockchain that allows the use of WRKChains. While Unification $XFUND unifies Unification and enables oracle of oracles governance, it also gives DeFi governance to Unification.

On June 8, the $XFUND Mainnet upgrade is expected to occur, with the Community believing good news for the release. Please keep in mind that it was designed by ‘Unification,’ which is the project’s main developer. This year, ‘Unification’ has confirmed that Shibarium Public Testnet will debut.

Shiba Inu Community believes that this mainnet upgrade has something to do with the Shibarium Layer-2 launch. The layer 2 solution developed by Shiba Inu’s creator Ryoshi, is intended to be the core of all future SHIB initiatives, especially SHI and ShibFE according to Shytoshi Kusama.

Gossip SHIB, a former SHIB Growth Breed member, responded to one of the community members’ tweets that June 8th and 9th being a Shibarium update on the XFUND mainnet, which might indicate that shib developers will begin Shibarium beta testing. However, this does not imply that PUBLIC testing is necessary.

She also described her message as a “rumor,” since it was not posted to the Shiba Inu official Twitter account.

Shibarium is on the verge of being finished

The feedback obtained from the private testing will be used to create and improve the network’s tools before releasing a “public Beta TestNet.”

Recall that Shytoshi Kusama, the lead developer of the Shiba Inu project, had stated last year that the team behind the dog-themed endeavor had collaborated with Unification to produce Shibarium layer two solutions.

The project has been opened only to the Unification and Shiba Inu teams. When the public testnet is released, the general public is expected to see the much anticipated layer-2 blockchain.

Shibarium is one of the many projects Shiba Inu has in mind for when it transforms the project from a meme coin to a utility token. The network is anticipated to provide quick and inexpensive transactions to improve online gaming.

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