Is SEC investigating Elon Musk’s new haircut?

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  • SEC to open an investigation into Elon Musk’s new haircut
  • A bizarre investigation against the Tesla Chief gains the spotlight
  • The agency continues to have a deterred relationship with the crypto community.

Sources within the US Securities and Exchange Commission alleged that the government agency reportedly rolled out an investigation into Elon Musk’s new haircut. Not only that, the CEO of Tesla received countless trolls on multiple social media platforms for his unconventional haircut. It is uncanny how a haircut of an individual gets such importance or is a thing of concern for the agency.

As stated by sources, the commission will be going over and investigating the “blatant abuse” of normal haircut etiquette. While SEC investigations can take two to four years to complete, we are already wondering how many laws Elon Musk breaks with his haircut.

What does this say about the SEC?

As a government oversight agency, the main goal of the SEC is to protect investors. You might be wondering, what does someone’s haircut or hairdo have to do with economic infractions?

Josh Rippen, a securities lawyer, believes that the right question is how many laws Elon Musk broke with this terrible haircut and not if Elon Musk broke any laws. Rippen stated, “This is such a blatant infraction that I would not be surprised if the SEC cracks down on Musk hard.”

Don’t worry; we are all as surprised as you are to hear about this. It is expected that they will soon clear the air by providing clarity regarding this investigation.

The SEC has a rather mixed approach to people lying in the stock market. They usually leave the public on their own. However, they show much interest in the hairline of billionaires and influential personalities.

Everything in the crypto market does not fall under the jurisdiction of the SEC. Law institutions are often interested in it because of the large amount of money flowing into the market. SEC makes a lot of fuss about the crypto market regulation.

The agency protects and facilitates investors and maintains order between financial markets of different natures. They believe that the crypto sector does not offer enough investor protection that could hurt many individuals in the industry. This weird obsession with the crypto world has made them do bizarre investigations like the one mentioned above.

Elon Musk is an influential name in the world of crypto as he stays in the spotlight with his remarks about different crypto tokens. Yet, this unique investigation against him serves no purpose and shows that the agency is more focused on such things rather than addressing the issues of the public.

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