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Daniel De Michele, the co-founder of IOTA has announced that the project team is in the middle of developing a WordPress feature that would allow users to pay to view contents on various blogs. The fifteenth largest cryptocurrency will provide simpler revenue sources for various blogs, rather than outdated subscriptions and premium memberships.

Despite the fact that the feature is already available on GitHub, the Argentina team, which was responsible for developing it, says that it’s still a work in progress and some additional programming is required to avoid any potential bugs in the future. Although testing out the plugin is already available.

What does the plugin do?

Looking at the coding layout of the plugin, it allows content creators and website owners to put a firewall on specific articles. The firewall can be removed by making a IOTA payment, but it may take quite a while. According to the development team, IOTA payments are sometimes problematic as faking them is quite easy.

Therefore, the content creators and web administrators will have to wait for confirmation before granting access.

Not only articles can be given the new feature, according to the IOTA team, but any number of pages on the website can also be assigned the payment option.

The webmaster will have to manually input the amount of IOTA, MIOTA or KIOTA he or she wishes to receive for disclosing the contents on the page.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely to proceed without any flukes. The internet is not a place for unique content, at least the uniqueness does not last long, therefore the application of such a firewall will be quite rare, and payments will be even rarer.

In fact, it’s believed to be unsuccessful due to the absence of patience in most internet surfers. But the project is yet to launch, so this assumption can be trumped within days.

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Giorgi Mikhelidze

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