Investing Can Be No-Hassle Through AssetStream


Thinking about retirement early enough is not a bad thing, especially since it will help you plan out your life after retirement. If you live in Sri Lanka, you are likely to retire by the time you hit 55 years, which is quite a young age compared to the average age of 66 years experienced in the U.S according to Dqydj.com.

As people plan to retire, they consider being an investor in a project that will give them a continuous flow of income long after they retire. The experience shows that this strategy works. Look at industries that serve the majority of the world population and stake your investment there.

One of the most innovative and disruptive technologies we are currently experiencing is blockchain, and the fintech industries are taking full advantage of it. Most popular investment experts will agree that investments in the fintech sector have a higher chance of success of adoption of innovative tech that makes transactions and services decentralized, transparent, quick and secure.

Invest or spend, make an entrepreneurial choice

You are 35 and thinking why can’t I start saving for retirement? Good thinking. Spending less and investing in a retirement KITTY is a decision that should be made early enough. But don’t go putting your money idle in a bank account somewhere.

Sure, you can save in a fixed deposit account and enjoy some fixed interest. But that will not be enough to save for a blissful retirement in Singapore, the most expensive city in Southeast Asia.

Think like an entrepreneur and invest in a project with recurrent returns on your investment, think AssetStream.

Make History by Investing in AssetStream

Congratulations on making the entrepreneurial choice and choosing to invest rather than spend. So what next?

AssetStream it is right! Wouldn’t you like to be the investor who pioneered in helping eradicate the monster called poverty and making financial aid and inclusivity a comfortable reach for the world’s unbanked?

Investing in AssetStream is a no brainer, all you have got to do is to get your fiat currency through an exchange to get the equivalent in AST tokens. 1 AST token is equivalent to $0.01. With AST tokens, you can start making transactions on AssetStream platform such as funding loans requested by borrowers.

To start lending, you can choose automatic matching whereby you define criteria of the type of borrowers you want to loan to, and the system will automatically pick the matching candidate for you. Alternatively, you may opt for handpicking (you personally select who to lend to based on the borrowers’ characteristics).

Why AssetStream is ASEAN’s greatest hope of financial inclusion

AssetStream seems like the perfect platform for microfinance investors for several reasons:

  • Its target market faces the highest rates of financial exclusion and microfinance can scale up financial inclusion in the ASEAN region
  • AssetStream aims at reducing poverty levels globally hence it intends to expand its market and reach
  • There are no hidden charges or fees
  • The reward payable to the Local Agency, conversion fees, and platform transaction fees are low
  • Its partners such as Pico Finance adhere to strict government policies hence platform is not privy to rogue transactions or scammers
  • Transactions on AssetStream are fast and fault-resistant because of the adoption of the Stellar Consensus Protocol
Usher a future without poverty

Look at it as doing the world a favor by helping to bring about a world where poverty is non-existent both due to the funding of SMEs for economic growth and securing a retirement with no hassles. Think entrepreneurship and invest in AssetStream before it is too late.

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