Disney Lorcana’s “Into the Inklands” Expansion Unveils Top-Selling Cards


  • Disney Lorcana’s “Into the Inklands” introduces new cards and locations, adding depth to gameplay.
  • The expansion is more available than previous sets, with reasonable prices for individual cards.
  • Top-selling cards like Robin Hood and Maleficent offer strategic advantages for players’ decks.

Disney Lorcana’s latest expansion, Into the Inklands, has arrived, sparking excitement among players eager to get their hands on the hottest new cards. This expansion introduces Location cards to the game, which steadily accumulate Lore (or Victory Points) each turn. Additionally, these cards offer various effects when players position their character cards at specific locations.

One notable feature of this expansion is the expansion of the Enchanted card rarity. With 18 Enchanted cards in the set, players can now access various cards, including Items, Actions, and Locations, each with unique abilities and advantages. Ravensburger has once again delivered an exciting addition to the Disney Lorcana universe, offering seasoned players and newcomers new ways to strategize and enjoy the game.

Into the Inklands also expands upon the Enchanted card rarity, featuring 18 Cards. These cards include Item, Action, and Location cards, offering players diverse options to enhance their decks and gameplay strategies.

One notable aspect of this latest card set, Into the Inklands, is its increased availability compared to previous releases. Most stores offer booster packs and related products at or near the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). Unlike before, retailers have received fewer complaints about limited stock leading up to the set’s launch. 

Additionally, the prices for individual cards typically soar in the initial weeks and are quite reasonable this time. Only the Enchanted cards are showing a tendency towards higher prices.

Consider which cards generate the most buzz within the Into the Inklands set. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the top-selling cards in this exciting new collection.

Disney’s top-selling and hottest cards featured in Into the Inklands

Players around the globe are eagerly anticipating the chance to acquire some of the most sought-after cards showcased in Into the Inklands. With excitement buzzing, here’s an in-depth breakdown unveiling the top-selling cards within this thrilling new set.

Robin Hood

Champion of Sherwood is a captivating character card crafted from steel ink. Boasting impressive stats of 3 Strength, 6 Willpower, and 2 Lore, this card offers a potent presence on the game board. Though it requires 5 Ink to deploy, players can strategically bring it into play by turn 3, presenting a formidable threat during the mid-game phase. 

What sets this card apart is its ability to accumulate lore when banishing a character and its advantageous card draw effect when banished in a challenge. Renowned for its versatility, the non-Enchanted version of this card commands a high market price, standing as one of the most coveted non-Legendary cards within the set.

Notably, with a market price of $153.27, the non-Enchanted version of this card ranks among the most sought-after non-Legendary cards within the set.

And Then Along Came Zeus

Introducing “And Then Along Came Zeus,” an enchanting Steel ink Action (Song) card available for 4 Ink. This card wields a straightforward yet powerful effect, dealing 5 damage to a single character or location. Among the array of cards in Into the Inklands, it stands out for its ability to target and neutralize location cards efficiently, making it a valuable asset for swiftly overcoming challenging adversaries. 

Particularly noteworthy is its capability to swiftly counter Beast Relentless, halting its potential infinite loop combo in its tracks. With a market price of $160.53, this card holds significant value for players seeking strategic advantage in their Inklands adventures.


Chernabog – Evildoer, a 10-ink Amber character card, boasts 9 Strength, 9 Willpower, and 3 Lore. Its unique ability reduces play costs for each character in the discard pile. Upon entry, it retrieves all character cards from the discard. Effective in Amber decks, countering field-clearing effects. Priced at $174.53.


Maleficent – Mistress of All Evil, a 5-Cost Amethyst card, features 2 Strength, 3 Willpower, and 2 Lore. It triggers card draws upon questing and facilitates damage transfer. Vulnerable but potent with support. Priced at $184.76.

Scrooge McDuck 

Scrooge McDuck – Richest Duck in the World, a 5-ink Sapphire card, offers 3 Strength, 5 Willpower, and 1 Lore. It plays items for free upon banishing another character, which is pivotal for item-focused decks. Priced at $189.44.

Gramma Tala 

Gramma Tala – Spirit of the Ocean, a 7-Cost Sapphire Ink card, has 4 Strength, 8 Willpower, and 2 Lore. Its shift ability allows early play by turn 5, synergizing with Sapphire’s mechanics. Priced at $189.99.

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse – Trumpeter, a 4-ink Steel card, offers no Strength or Willpower but has 1 Lore. Its Sound the Call ability summons characters for 2 Ink, which is invaluable for rapid deployment. Priced at $200.30.


Kida – Protector of Atlantis, a 5-ink Amber card, possesses 3 Strength, 5 Willpower, and 2 Lore. Its ability reduces all characters’ strength by 3, which is ideal for Amber decks. 


Jafar – Striking Illusionist, a 7-Ink Amethyst card, has 4 Strength, 5 Willpower, and 1 Lore. Its lore-gaining ability synergizes with card draw effects, enhancing its potency. Priced at $228.61.


Ursula – Deceiver of All, a 3-Ink Emerald Character card, features 2 Strength, 3 Willpower, and 1 Lore. Its ability enhances low-cost song cards, enabling strategic manipulation. Priced at $239.29.

These popular cards are good in different types of decks and work well together, which is why many players want them to make their Disney Lorcana’s Into the Inklands games more fun and exciting.

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