Indonesia chooses crypto-friendly leaders in landmark election


  • Prabowo Subianto secures the Indonesian presidency with nearly 60% of the votes, indicating a strong mandate from the electorate.
  • Gibran Rakabuming Raka, known for his pro-crypto stance, is elected vice president, promising Indonesia’s cryptocurrency sector a favorable future.
  • The election outcome is a pivotal moment for Indonesia’s growing cryptocurrency market, with expectations of further growth and innovation.

Indonesia’s recent presidential election has concluded with Prabowo Subianto, the former defense minister, securing the presidency with a commanding lead of nearly 60% of the votes, based on quick count results. This victory positions Prabowo and his vice-presidential running mate, Gibran Rakabuming Raka, at the helm of the Indonesian government. Gibran, the son of the outgoing President, Joko Widodo, is recognized for his pro-crypto stance, signaling a continued favorable outlook for the cryptocurrency sector under the new administration.

A new era for Indonesia’s crypto industry

The election of Prabowo Subianto and Gibran Rakabuming Raka marks a pivotal moment for Indonesia’s burgeoning cryptocurrency market. The country, already known for its substantial number of registered crypto investors surpassing those in traditional stocks, anticipates further growth and innovation in the digital asset space.

Throughout their campaign, the Prabowo-Gibran ticket laid out a vision to bolster the crypto industry, specifically emphasizing enhancing tax compliance among traders and fostering the development of blockchain expertise among the youth. This approach suggests a seamless continuation of the supportive policies initiated by Widodo’s administration, potentially ensuring a stable and conducive environment for crypto investments and innovation.

The official election results, expected to be announced in March, will confirm the extent of Prabowo’s mandate. However, the initial response from the crypto community has been overwhelmingly positive, viewing the election outcome as a reaffirmation of Indonesia’s commitment to embracing digital currencies and blockchain technology as integral components of its economic strategy.

Challenges and expectations ahead

Despite the optimistic outlook, the transition to a new government is challenging. Prabowo Subianto’s past, marred by allegations of human rights violations, has been a point of contention. Yet, in his victory speech, Prabowo emphasized unity and humility, pledging to serve all Indonesians irrespective of their background. This message of inclusivity extends to the economic realm, where the new administration is expected to navigate the complexities of regulating a rapidly evolving cryptocurrency market while ensuring it contributes positively to the nation’s economy.

The election, characterized by a high voter turnout and the significant influence of young voters, underscores the dynamic nature of Indonesia’s democracy and its economy. As the country awaits the official election results, the focus shifts to how Prabowo and Gibran will actualize their campaign promises, particularly in relation to the crypto industry. The global crypto community and local investors will keenly watch the policy developments in Indonesia, given its potential to set precedents for crypto regulation and innovation in the region.

Indonesia’s presidential election has determined its political leadership and the future direction of its cryptocurrency market. With Prabowo Subianto and Gibran Rakabuming Raka set to lead, the country stands on the cusp of reinforcing its position as a crypto-friendly destination. The administration’s challenge will be balancing regulatory oversight with the promotion of innovation, ensuring that Indonesia remains attractive to crypto investors and becomes a global leader in blockchain technology.

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