India Makes a Bold Leap in AI with the Launch of Hanooman Series


  • Reliance and top engineering institutes are launching Hanooman AI models for 11 Indian languages, planning to reach over 20.
  • Hanooman AI supports text, video, and speech in multiple languages, including a healthcare model, VizzhyGPT.
  • The initiative aims to make India a global AI leader, leveraging its linguistic diversity.

In an ambitious move that positions India more prominently on the global AI map, Reliance Industries, in collaboration with leading engineering institutions, has announced the launch of the Hanooman series. 

This suite of Indic language models, developed in partnership between Seetha Mahalaxmi Healthcare (SML) and the BharatGPT ecosystem, marks a significant step forward in nurturing the AI sector within the country, a domain historically dominated by the US and China.

Bridging linguistic barriers in AI

The Hanooman series is set to revolutionize how AI interacts in the Indian context by understanding and generating content in 11 Indian languages, including Hindi, Marathi, and Tamil. With ambitions to expand this capability to over 20 languages, these models showcase an impressive range of 1.5 billion to 40 billion parameters. 

This linguistic versatility makes Hanooman a pioneering venture in multilingual AI and enhances its applicability across various sectors of the Indian economy and society.

Designed to be a multifunctional AI powerhouse, Hanooman extends its utility beyond mere text generation. It is capable of producing videos, speeches, and more, all in multiple Indian languages. 

This feature is particularly significant, considering India’s diverse linguistic landscape and the critical need for technology that seamlessly bridges language barriers.

Pioneering specialized applications

A notable offshoot of this initiative is VizzhyGPT, a specialized AI model tailored for the healthcare industry. By leveraging extensive medical data, VizzhyGPT aims to transform the delivery of healthcare services, making them more accessible and efficient. 

Reliance Jio is also tapping into the potential of Hanooman by developing custom models for specific use cases under the banner of Jio Brain. This platform is poised to leverage AI across its 450 million subscriber network, illustrating the wide-reaching implications of this technology.

The project represents a collaborative effort that includes SML, Reliance’s technology division, and the BharatGPT research team led by IIT Bombay. It also involves a partnership with seven other prestigious Indian engineering institutes. With support from the Centre’s science department and close collaboration with Reliance’s telecom and retail operations, Hanooman is well-positioned to significantly contribute to India’s AI ambitions.

Positioning India on the global AI stage

Hanooman joins a growing list of homegrown Indic language AI models, such as Krutrim from Ola, SaravamAI’s OpenHathi, and IIT Madras’ Airavata model. This growing ecosystem reflects India’s commitment to becoming a major contender in the global AI arena. 

By focusing on developing AI technologies that cater to the unique linguistic and cultural nuances of the Indian population, these initiatives pave the way for more inclusive and effective technological solutions.

The launch of the Hanooman series is a clear indicator of India’s strategic move to leverage its vast linguistic diversity as a strength in the AI domain. This initiative enhances the country’s capabilities in technology innovation and promises to deliver significant social and economic benefits. 

As India continues to invest in and expand its AI infrastructure, the Hanooman series represents a significant milestone in the country’s journey towards becoming a global AI powerhouse.

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