Improving Artificial Intelligence Application in the Healthcare Space

The world is slowly moving away from conventional treatment methods and disease diagnosis. A transformational force is rising in global healthcare systems, and artificial intelligence catalyzes this paradigm shift. Partners Healthcare highlighted twelve ways that artificial intelligence might impact health care.

Patientory aims to provide health monitoring and tracking services that improve artificial intelligence technology to make healthcare more accessible and convenient. It offers superior overall treatment and decision-making techniques using artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence aided services by Patientory

Since 1950, humans have helped artificial intelligence learn the human language to serve them better. About 30% of all the healthcare tasks are associated with administrative and other non-medical tasks.

However, the greatest challenge to healthcare providers and artificial intelligence advocates is interfacing artificial intelligence in minor healthcare functions and systems. Adopting artificial intelligence in daily clinical practices will guarantee more convenience for healthcare providers and the general populace. 

Health in your hands

Patientory strives to empower the consumer with precise health data that help them track and monitor their health. It incorporates Artificial Intelligence, which has been a part of the healthcare industry for the last 50 years.  

AI has a huge potential in assisting healthcare providers to reach accurate diagnoses by analyzing healthcare data collected by IoT devices. Patientory provides health tracing services that track and monitor your health in real-time. 

This data is stored and shown in statistics and graphs, making it easier for patients and healthcare providers to access their medical data. Apart from this, Patientory also provides medical administrative services to improve the financial and clinical condition of the organization. Artificial Intelligence makes these services more accurate and convenient for everyone involved.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare

Currently, the medical field benefits from the advancements in the artificial intelligence technology field. The use of artificial intelligence in the medical field has also increased significantly over the past decades. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can analyze and store large sets of patient data in a particular organization. The use of artificial intelligence can help to identify specific patterns and trends through algorithms. AI provides a future insight to healthcare providers and helps decrease the overall cost of service while making the service faster and more efficient.


Artificial Intelligence can provide data-driven clinical support to patients. The use of artificial intelligence can also help to identify specific patterns and trends using algorithms. It provides future insights to healthcare providers and gives preventive medicine the shot in the arm that it needs. 

Patientory improves Artificial Intelligence to provide these services and much more for individual consumers and corporate organizations.

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