iLLang: Challengers Games Announces Upcoming Social Deduction Mobile Game

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  • Challengers Games unveils iLLang, a mobile social deduction game open for pre-registration on Android and iOS, set in Koji village.
  • iLLang accommodates 6 to 20 players, each with unique roles and mini-games for an exciting social mystery experience.
  • Pre-registration perks include Gold, Gacha Tickets, Job Tickets, and Akira characters, with a February 2024 release date.

Challengers Games, a prominent player in the mobile gaming industry, recently unveiled their latest project, iLLang, a thrilling social deduction game set to captivate mobile gamers. 

Pre-registrations for the game began on Google Play a few weeks ago, and iOS users can now join in on the excitement as pre-registration opens on the App Store. Although the official release date remains undisclosed, interested players can now secure their spot in the game.

Mysterious adventures in Koji village

iLLang promises to take players on an exhilarating journey into the world of social mystery, akin to the popular Mafia-style games. This mobile game accommodates various player numbers, allowing for matches between 6 and 20 participants. 

The story unfolds in Koji village, where a peculiar incident, summoned by an enigmatic entity known as the “illang” or the wolf, brings various characters together.

Each player is assigned tasks tailored to their unique attributes, plunging them into a world of intricate social deduction. The villagers must employ their powers of deduction to identify the elusive wolf among them, all while engaging in a series of entertaining mini-games that enhance the overall gameplay experience. 

It’s not just the villagers on the hunt; players can also choose to assume the roles of cunning foxes and cunning wolves, each boasting distinctive abilities that add complexity to the gameplay.

To incentivize early registration and participation, iLLang offers a selection of pre-registration rewards. As players sign up, they can look forward to receiving 1,000 Gold, 10 Gacha Tickets, 10 Job Tickets, and the exclusive Akira character as milestone rewards. These rewards are tokens of appreciation for players eager to embark on this thrilling social deduction adventure.

A glimpse into the future of social deduction gaming

iLLang debuted during G-Star 2023 at G-CON, where Koji Taumra, President of Challengers Games, showcased the game to enthusiastic gamers. The game’s planned release date is set for February, promising an exciting and mysterious journey that fans of social deduction games won’t want to miss. 

Players can pre-register for iLLang by clicking on their preferred link on both Google Play and the App Store. For further information and the opportunity to connect with fellow players, visit the official website or join the growing iLLang community on Facebook.

Exploring iLLang’s unique gameplay experience

iLLang emerges as a promising addition to social deduction games, offering a distinctive blend of mystery, strategy, and entertainment. With its flexibility in accommodating varying numbers of players, ranging from intimate gatherings to larger gaming parties, iLLang ensures that players of all group sizes can partake in the intrigue of Koji Village.

The game’s emphasis on individual attributes and tasks adds depth to the social deduction aspect, ensuring that each player’s role brings a unique perspective to the gameplay. This complexity is further enhanced by including foxes and wolves, providing an array of abilities that challenge players to think critically and employ cunning strategies.

Challengers Games acknowledges the enthusiasm of early registrants by offering a generous array of pre-registration rewards. The 1,000 Gold, 10 Gacha Tickets, and 10 Job Tickets serve as valuable in-game resources, while the exclusive Akira character introduces a touch of uniqueness to each player’s experience. These rewards are designed to enhance the iLLang adventure and provide a head start for dedicated players.

A sneak peek into the future

iLLang’s debut at G-Star 2023 left an indelible mark on the gaming community, with Koji Taumra, President of Challengers Games, offering a tantalizing glimpse of what’s to come. The game’s planned release in February is eagerly anticipated, promising an immersive and captivating social deduction experience that will undoubtedly find a place among mobile gaming enthusiasts.

Secure your spot in Koji village

For those enticed by the prospect of testing their deduction skills in the enigmatic world of Koji village, the time to act is now. Pre-registration for iLLang is available on both Google Play and the App Store, catering to a diverse audience of mobile gamers. To stay informed about updates and connect with fellow players, visit the official website and join the ever-growing iLLang community on Facebook.

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