Idexo launches CDK to help mint NFTs on Telegram and Twitter


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TL;DR Breakdown

• Users can earn NFTs using social networks like Telegram.
• Idexo will support the minting of NFT projects using an original API.

One of the most prominent companies in NFT solutions, Idexo, announces its new project that will deal with a CDK (Community Development Kit) system. This mechanism would benefit from the integrated application programming interface to support the company’s expansion in social networks.

Idexo has long wanted to form a link with social networks such as Telegram so users can earn non-fungible tokens daily. In this way, the NFT solutions company will be the most famous in the world for developing a system that everyone can use.

Idexo advances develops NFT-supporting API


The company has facilitated the creation of NFTs solutions in alternate Blockchains and programming interfaces for video games. With this way of working, the firm has raised over 2 million dollars just in September. The funds have been allocated to these solutions with non-fungible tokens for Dapps and games like Plants vs Undead or Axie Infinity that fall into the category.

Blockchain Alterna’s non-fungible token APIs allow NFT fanatic developers to create programs that cover various objectives. These solutions make the NFT market grow because the number of participants is increasing.

However, making this virtual auction market attractive to crypto fans requires great solutions. APIs are more accurate solutions regarding the responsibility and control of an investor when trying to create their NFT. With APIs, developers have a simple work system where they do not necessarily have to manage a Blockchain to create the non-fungible token.

Idexo, for example, has the most profitable API solutions that can be linked with Ethereum, Arweave, Binance Smart Chain, or Polygon. With its new CDK project, the firm could improve this development system in NFTs.

NFT solution using the Telegram platform

The Idexo project shows several tools for creating the non-fungible token supported by the community. In this way, the developer will have a better experience creating these NFTs.

Idexo also has another point in its favor. Its NFT solution will be supported by its original API, which will allow you to expand your options in the project. Similarly, the plan will also grow in the communities that support it, such as Twitter and Telegram. It is to be remembered that the firm was the driver of NFT profits using social networks.

For the client to create their non-fungible token on the social network, they have to send only a message or a tweet on Twitter. However, the company did not elaborate on the full workings of the CDK project to generate intrigue.

The company aims to move towards a second step in launching a non-fungible token dedicated only to customers.

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