ICP.Hub Korea and The Moon Labs Form Alliance for Gaudi-Inspired Web3 Ventures

ICP.Hub Korea has joined forces with The Moon Labs, also known as LM Foundation, to embark on a series of innovative Web3 projects. This collaboration was announced at the ‘Gaudi World Congress Seoul 2023’, hosted at the Walkerhill Hotel in Seoul. 

A major aspect of this partnership is the strategic MOU signed between The Moon Labs and ICP.Hub Korea. The Internet Computer (ICP), developed by the DFINITY Foundation, is a cornerstone of this alliance. This is primarily due to ICP’s unique features, such as its integration with Bitcoin and Ethereum, its capabilities for Web2-Web3 interoperability, and its eco-friendly and secure blockchain technology.

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This partnership aims to integrate the artistic legacy of the iconic Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi with cutting-edge Web3 technology. The Gaudi Knowledge Association chose The Moon Labs as an exclusive global digital partner for the planning and execution of Gaudi’s Web 3 businesses using ICP.

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What events are lined up by the Gaudi Knowledge Association?

The Gaudi Knowledge Association is at the heart of keeping Gaudi’s unique and lasting design philosophy alive. Working hand in hand with the Barcelona City Council, they’re a key force in putting together global events that celebrate Gaudi’s work. They’re also in charge of the big project – overseeing the building of the famous Sagrada Familia Cathedral. But that’s not all; they run a special group of Gaudi experts and dive deep into research and teaching about Gaudi. Plus, they take care of organizing exhibitions and looking after many Gaudi-related items.

The collaboration’s ambitious agenda includes several key projects:

  • Bringing Gaudi’s unfinished designs to life.
  • Creating a metaverse revolving around Gaudi’s architectural masterpieces.
  • Launching new Web3 businesses with a focus on Gaudi-themed NFTs.
  • Developing unique Gaudi tour experiences using NFTs and Web3 technology.
  • Setting up a fund dedicated to projects and creators who share Gaudi’s vision.
  • Diving into the realm of digital media art, utilizing Gaudi’s rich artistic content.

ICP.Hub Korea and The Moon Labs are not just stopping at project development. They have ambitious plans to develop and conduct educational programs focused on Web3, foster technology partnerships, and launch ICP NFTs. These efforts are part of a broader strategy to create a vibrant ecosystem around NFT marketplaces.

Jake Park, the visionary founder of ICP.Hub Korea, expressed his excitement about this collaboration. He emphasized the fusion of Gaudi’s timeless legacy with Korea’s advanced digital technology through ICP, aiming to create a global project that allows a wider audience to immerse themselves in Gaudi’s works.

What will be the impact of this Partnership?

The partnership between ICP.Hub Korea and The Moon Labs can have a big impact on the world of blockchain and digital art. Let’s take a look at what this exciting collaboration might bring to the table:

  • Expanding the Scope of NFTs and Metaverse: The development of Gaudi-themed NFTs and a metaverse centered around his architectural marvels could significantly broaden the appeal and understanding of these technologies. 
  • Educational Outreach and Web3 Adoption: The commitment to developing educational programs around Web3 technology is crucial. It’s not just about creating new technologies but also about accelerating their adoption. 
  • Fostering a Sustainable Digital Ecosystem: The use of an eco-friendly blockchain such as the Internet Computer Blockchain (ICP) developed by the DFINITY project is a step towards more sustainable digital practices. 
  • Cultural Heritage Meets Digital Innovation: This partnership shows how Web 3 can preserve and celebrate cultural heritage. It shows that blockchain and NFTs aren’t just about finance or entertainment.
  • A New Model for Collaborative Ventures: The Strategic MOU between ICP.Hub Korea and The Moon Labs could serve as a model for future collaborations between tech companies and cultural institutions. 

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