IBM Executive Emphasizes Ethical Use of AI Technology


  • Ethical considerations are paramount in AI deployment, requiring robust governance and trust mechanisms.
  • Data integrity and corporate culture play pivotal roles in ensuring ethical AI practices.
  • IBM emphasizes ethical AI deployment, advocating for responsible use and adherence to ethical standards.

At the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, in 2024, an IBM executive underscored the importance of ethical considerations in the deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. According to the executive, GenAI, IBM’s AI initiative, has witnessed a transition from hype to tangible applications over the past eight months, with various trials underway to explore its potential across different sectors and domains.

Addressing the audience, the executive highlighted the evolving landscape of AI applications, particularly in the utilization of both large and small language models. The latter, he explained, enables operators and companies to harness AI capabilities tailored to specific domains, reflecting a significant step towards practical implementation.

Governance and trust in pillars of ethical AI deployment

Central to the discussion was the imperative to address governance and trust issues surrounding AI utilization. The executive emphasized the necessity for AI applications to operate within ethical boundaries, underscoring the responsibility of organizations to ensure the efficacy and ethical integrity of each use case.

Within organizations, the governance of AI is facilitated by an internal board tasked with examining policies, processes, and procedures associated with AI deployment. This board serves as a critical mechanism for evaluating the ethical implications of each use case, thereby upholding ethical standards throughout the organization’s AI endeavors.

Data integrity and corporate culture

The executive emphasized the importance of data integrity in AI applications, stressing the need for organizations to scrutinize the sources of data to mitigate privacy concerns and safeguard intellectual property rights. Specifically, he highlighted the significance of understanding the origin of data, particularly in specialized or niche domains, to ensure ethical compliance.

Moreover, the executive advised organizations to evaluate data for potential biases or inappropriate content, such as profanity, prior to its utilization in AI applications. He underscored the role of corporate culture in governing ethical behavior, emphasizing that adherence to ethical standards should be ingrained within organizational practices.

Embracing ethical AI practices

As AI technology continues to proliferate across industries, the emphasis on ethical considerations becomes increasingly paramount. The executive’s insights shed light on the proactive measures organizations must undertake to ensure the ethical deployment of AI, including robust governance frameworks, data integrity assessments, and fostering a culture of ethical responsibility.

The executive’s remarks underscored IBM’s commitment to promoting ethical AI practices and advocating for responsible AI deployment within organizations. By prioritizing ethical considerations and integrating them into AI governance structures, organizations can harness the transformative potential of AI technology while upholding ethical standards and societal values.

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