IBM and China Mobile Leaders Praise AI’s Potential, Stress Responsible Development


  • IBM and China Mobile CEOs back AI for business growth, stressing responsible development.
  • Executives foresee surging data and computing demands, with AI adoption and capacity set to rise.
  • IBM collaborates with China for an ethical AI ecosystem, highlighting responsibility in integration.

The World Internet Conference in Wuzhen, China, witnessed a powerful display of optimism from top executives of IBM and China Mobile regarding the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). IBM Chair and CEO Arvind Krishna and China Mobile Chair and CEO Yang Jie both emphasized the need for responsible development alongside the boundless possibilities presented by AI.

Arvind Krishna, in his keynote speech, urged businesses to fully embrace the capabilities of AI, underlining its potential to revolutionize various industries. “We’ve seen the first glimpses of what generative AI is going to do to upend just about every industry,” Krishna remarked, stressing the importance of integrating digital staffing, AI applications, system monitoring, knowledge extraction, and automation of routine tasks. He emphasized the significant role of AI in tackling critical challenges, including drug discovery, enhanced food production, and mitigating climate change. Predicting a substantial contribution of $4.4 trillion annually to the global economy by 2030, Krishna accentuated the immense economic prospects entwined with AI implementation.

Addressing growing demands and computing power

Concurrently, China Mobile’s Yang Jie echoed Krishna’s sentiments, envisioning AI’s potential to bolster efficiency across traditional production setups. He emphasized the imminent surge in data and computing demands, highlighting the necessity for a robust information infrastructure capable of seamlessly managing data analytics, transmission, storage, and processing. Yang cited compelling data projections, indicating a staggering rise in the adoption of AI modules from less than 5% to over 80% within a three-year period. Furthermore, he emphasized the burgeoning significance of computing power as a fundamental asset, projecting a remarkable 50% annual growth rate in China’s computing capacity over the next five years.

Balancing innovation and responsibility

In light of the accelerated AI integration, both executives emphasized the imperative role of responsibility in the technological landscape. Krishna underscored that responsibility is “as important as the innovations themselves,” stressing the need for a collaborative approach between businesses and regulatory authorities. IBM’s proactive engagement with Chinese authorities and clients to establish an inclusive and vibrant AI ecosystem reflects their commitment to fostering responsible development and deployment of AI technologies.

Charting a path forward

As the World Internet Conference continues to foster global discussions on the digital revolution, the positive outlook from industry leaders highlights the burgeoning significance of AI across diverse sectors. With the projected surge in AI adoption and the relentless pursuit of computing advancements, the necessity for responsible and ethical AI development remains paramount. Collaborative efforts between companies, governments, and regulatory bodies are poised to shape a responsible and inclusive AI ecosystem, ensuring a harmonious integration of AI innovations into the global economy. The commitment to responsible AI development serves as a promising framework for fostering sustainable and ethical technological advancements in the years to come.

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