Hybrid blockchain project launch by Samsung-backed Blocko

Blocko is an information technology integrated, blockchain system, and internet service providers based in South Korea. The firm recently announced that it will be forgoing Coinstack and will be replacing it with more better and advanced technology called Aergo Enterprise.

Aergo Enterprise has more features to offer than the previous Coinstack, and it allows a blockchain infrastructure that is composed of two different things and enables the functioning of a hybrid blockchain. This hybrid blockchain ensures maximum efficiency, security, and quality.

Aergo Enterprise wants to make people and businesses more comfortable in using blockchain technology. What sets Aergo Enterprise apart from other such technologies is its hybrid blockchain feature that Coinsatck and others lack.

The hybrid blockchain feature allows a variety of benefits to the user as it improves business to business exchanges and also settles transactions safely in a decentralized environment.

Using this blockchain system will also improve data integrity as this blockchain will peg data to the permanent public blockchain of Aergo Enterprise called the Aergo main network.

Other features aside from the hybrid blockchain are enabling easy administration processes. Using Aergo Enterprise will make the administrating process easier. Along with this, monitoring transactions and blockchains will also easier as Aergo Enterprise will be collaborating with Hub Enterprise for this.

The systems for managing nodes will be inbuilt and aside from this a lot of applications like the internet of things and smart contracts etc. will be in the system.

The Aergo Enterprise also offers 24/7 supports service. Blocko is helping in upgrading from Coinstack to Aergo Enterprise by providing a client migration program. This is to maximize the performance of these businesses as well.