Humane AI Pin to Commence Shipping in March 2024 for Priority Orders


    • Humane’s AI Pin will ship in March 2024, starting with priority orders.

    • The wearable features AI-powered capabilities and hands-free operation.

    • Pre-orders for the AI Pin are still available, priced from $699.

Humane, the tech company known for its innovative AI Pin wearable, has officially announced that it will commence shipping in March 2024. However, this initial shipping phase is exclusively for priority orders, with pre-orders being fulfilled in the order they were received.

Priority shipping for AI Pin

Following its presentation at a TED Talk event in July, the Humane AI Pin became available for pre-orders in November. While the company did not specify an exact shipping date during the initial unveiling, it did confirm that users would have to wait until early 2024 to get their hands on the device. Now, Humane has provided a more precise timeline, confirming that the AI Pin will start shipping in March 2024.

Priority orders take precedence

It’s important to note that those who placed priority orders for the AI Pin will be the first to receive their devices. Humane has also indicated that the order in which pre-orders will be fulfilled will depend on how quickly they were placed. In their official statement, Humane clarified, “We are shipping all orders in the order they were received, based on the date of purchase.” This means that pre-orders made earliest will be dispatched first.

The Humane AI Pin: A brief overview

For those who may have missed the initial coverage of the Humane AI Pin when it was first launched, this wearable device is powered by artificial intelligence. It houses a Snapdragon chipset, though the specific model is not disclosed. Notably, instead of a traditional display, the AI Pin features a projector capable of projecting information onto surfaces, including the user’s hand.

AI-powered Capabilities

The integration of AI technology within this wearable enables it to perform a wide range of functions. These include language translation, voice-based messaging, information lookup, email management, and more. These actions are initiated through voice commands, making it a hands-free and intuitive device. For a detailed look at its features, a video presentation is available for reference.

Pre-order information

While priority orders are set to ship in March 2024, pre-orders are still being accepted. On Humane’s official website, the AI wearable is available starting at $699. However, it’s important to note that it requires a monthly subscription fee of $24 for cellular data and access to a phone number.

The Humane AI Pin, a groundbreaking wearable powered by artificial intelligence, is set to begin shipping in March 2024 for priority orders. This announcement brings clarity to the device’s availability timeline, with priority orders taking precedence in fulfillment. The AI Pin offers a unique hands-free experience, capable of performing various tasks through voice commands. While initial shipping is reserved for priority orders, pre-orders remain open for those eager to experience this innovative wearable.

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