How User-Friendly Wallet Addresses Could Be The Future for Stablecoins


Stablecoins present tons of benefits for normal people who want to enjoy the benefits of crypto and digital currencies without some of the drawbacks of coins like Bitcoin. Stablecoins like SameUSD are easy to understand for everyone (not just those who are tech-savvy or have a strong background in blockchain technology). The values are stable, which means they’re perfect as spendable currencies rather than appreciating assets.

But there’s still one thing holding back mass-adoption of crypto, even though these other issues have been solved by stablecoins like SameUSD. Wallet addresses.

Normal wallets are complicated

How User-Friendly Wallet Addresses Could Be The Future for Stablecoins 1

For normal people, crypto wallets are complicated. It’s hard to remember your own wallet address, and it’s even harder to make sure you’ve sent funds to the right address when making transactions.

One of the best things about digital currencies is supposed to be how quick and easy to use they are. But when you have to keep checking and re-checking that you’ve entered the correct address, this slows everything down and makes everything more complicated. You don’t want to send funds to the wrong person, as this could cost you a fortune. Someone like Tim might like the idea of crypto payments, but has been slowed down by the issue of complicated wallet addresses a long time.

How the Samecoin ecosystem helps

So for normal people like Tim, Samecoin’s ecosystem makes it much easier. The Samecoin ecosystem features SameID to authenticate users on the blockchain, making accounts extremely secure.

And when it comes to sending or receiving funds, is even easier for Tim. All he has to do is enter the SameID username of the recipient to transfer funds on Samecoin’s payment app, SamePay. It’s this family of crypto solutions that make it much easier for everyone to use crypto for normal payments or trade them freely and securely without additional complications.

Now it really is quick and easy for Tim to send and receive funds. He doesn’t have to worry about remembering his own wallet address, either. In the past, Tim used to write down his wallet address on a piece of paper. Not only is a piece of paper a security risk, it’s also easy to forget. Tim needs a 21st century solution for a 21st century currency, not a pen and paper.

So with SameID, Tim can now easily remember his own wallet at all times, and he doesn’t have to keep double checking the address of someone he’s sending crypto to. He just types in their easy-to-use SameID, but still has all the protection and benefits of a secure blockchain transaction. SamePay also has the lowest fees on the market, making it the best option for sending and receiving crypto.

That’s why easy-to-use wallet addresses are crucial for the next step of crypto’s adoption into the mainstream. And if you’re like Tim, you should be able to see the benefits already. Forget complicated wallet addresses on traditional crypto platforms, and start using SameID with SamePay for all your digital currency transactions.

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