How to Travel Without Worrying about Financial Flexibility

Worrying about Financial Flexibility

There are many reasons to travel: studying abroad, working abroad, visiting families or merely wanting to see the world’s beauty. Traveling plans are not easy to set, especially when the time comes to plan the budget. Budget, money, finances – they all sound so rough on the ear, and particularly when you consider the difficulties of acquiring financial services abroad.

While packing your bags, your mind is occupied with thoughts like: don’t forget the passport, don’t forget the money, don’t lose the money, etc. There are methods that can ease this stress and scratch at least one of these problems off of the list.

Take your bank with you, and don’t forget the passport

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take your bank wherever you go, so you wouldn’t have to go through the tiring process of borrowing money abroad? Think about it, there were some times in your traveling life when you needed some money but couldn’t borrow it because:

  • You were underbanked/unbanked
  • Got denied to acquire a loan because of the lack of credit score in the local banks.
  • Didn’t have enough documents to apply for a local loan.
  • Couldn’t prove that you have a regular income.
  • It took several days for a local bank or agency to acquire and process the information from your bank.

It really makes you dream about putting your bank in the pocket and traveling around the world with it.

How to take your bank with you?

Did you like the concept of taking your bank with you? Would you like to try a smartphone-sized bank in your pocket? Blockchain-based micro-financing platform like AssetStream can make that magic happen.

AssetStream is an innovative platform that gathers lenders and borrowers and works as a match-maker. What’s most important is that AssetStream allows you to take your funds with you, borrow money wherever you are and travel safely, knowing that you can always have a hand on financial services.

How does it work?

If you read AssetStream’s whitepaper closely, you’ll notice that the team members worked hard to show that the platform is created to bring lenders and borrowers together and create a safe community for both parties.

AssetStream reduces the risks and obstacles correlated with lending and borrowing money.

Here’s how it will work for your traveling plans:

  • The platform is accessible on mobile devices, meaning that you can carry them around the world.
  • The transaction fees are low and give you a chance to spare some money while transferring or receiving money.
  • You will be able to see the rankings of the lenders to build a trustworthy relationship with them.
  • You will be able to build your profile and credit history on the platform, with no need for double-checking and spending time with intermediaries.
Eager to try it yourself?

Who wouldn’t want an international bank with a trustworthy community? You can plan your next trip with less stress and get a hold of a loan within minutes when in need, transfer money to a traveling friend, or use the platform for other financial tools.

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