How To Make Money If You Have No Money

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  • 60% of businesses shut down after pandemic
  • A bigger opportunity to make more money
  • Three ways to make money without spending money

The world is going through a recession, and it is not the first time it has seen a recession. Almost all business worldwide has lost so much money and worth during the corona and post-corona era. During the pandemic, sixty percent of companies shut down, which causes a lot of problems for the business and job sectors. Companies are not able to hire more people, and they are at risk of default.

In many top economic countries like UK and Germany, the cost of living is becoming high and high each day. In such a grim situation, we need to give people hope that they can earn and make more money without spending a single penny. The following article will explain a few strategies to help you make money when you do not have money.


When a company is on the verge of default, and you bought all its employees rather than its services, it is called Aqui-hiring. It is one of the shortcuts to making a lot of money. You do have to spend money on the advancement of your clients when you buy it from another company.  

If your competitors are shutting down the business, you should hire their top talent at a lower value to help grow your business. Whether you have restaurants, a gym, or a tech business, you should always apply this strategy to grow your business.

Client Acquisition

Client acquisition means acquiring more and more customers without spending any money on that. As mentioned above, more than 60% of businesses are closing down after the pandemic. All of these businesses had customers and making a strategy to bring these clients to your business is client acquisition.

If you have a solid strategy for acquiring and nourishing customers, your business will grow in no time, and you will have loyal customers and improved profits. How to make a better client acquisition strategy? Suppose a business is shutting down the street. You go to the owner and say that all the clients you spend so much time, and energy on can come to your business.

The best way to do this is that the owner of the shutting business will send an email with a couple of affiliate links, and anybody who transitioned to your business will give a discount to the owner for the next two years.

Asset acquisition

This is one of the most complex three ways of making money. In such a bargain, you buy an asset of a shutting company rather than the whole stock. Buying all the assets and liabilities in a stock acquisition would be best. Buying specific assets gives you an edge to have all those assets, which can be more profitable in the coming days. However, it takes a lot of time and research to know which asset of a business would do better if you buy it.

The advantage of such a form of acquisition is that there is a lower risk of losing money and potential losses. Additionally, you can help to grow the assets of the already, or to be, bankrupt company.

Final thoughts

You do not need to own a business to make money through all this. You could be just a broker between two companies. You can make a deal between a company that is shutting down its business with a company that has the potential to buy it.

 For example, if a restaurant is shutting down, you search different restaurants to see who wants to give a percentage to you for making a deal with a bankrupt restaurant. These are three ideas if you want to know how to make money without spending any money. 

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