How to Generate Passive Income with PKT Cash Crypto


During the pandemic, many people lost their jobs. However, it opened a new window for people whose businesses were internet-based since they didn’t have to open a physical store to offer their services. Ever since more people have sought ways to make money online. Thankfully, the internet is creating new opportunities for us to earn online; especially passive income.

One of the ways to generate passive income is to share your unused resources. For instance, you can rent an unused room in your apartment, share a ride with people in your neighborhood or office, or even share your unused mobile data. Believe it or not, the idea of selling bandwidth has come to stay and many platforms like the pkt cash network are offering this service.

What is Bandwidth and Why Should You Sell It?

Internet bandwidth refers to the maximum rate of data transfer of an internet connection. It is a measure of the amount of data used by a certain connection within a timeframe. For instance, the bandwidth of a 1 GB Ethernet connection is 1000 Mbps, which is 125 MB per second.

Most residential internet subscriptions hardly max out the bandwidth, so it goes to waste. Unless you are running different intensive apps at once or downloading heavy files, you certainly have enough unused bandwidth. This includes the periods when you are asleep or not at home.

Consequently, some companies thought it wise to help you earn money or cryptocurrency by selling unused internet connectivity since you seem to have more than enough. These companies rent out the bandwidth to other companies or users through your internet protocol (IP) address. They also sell this service to VPNs or operate as a VPN, allowing people to use the internet via a country that is different from theirs. 

Making Money Via Bandwidth – PKT 

El mejor internet de banda ancha en la ciudad de Ambato - Ecuador

PKT is one of the platforms driven by blockchain technology that helps people in becoming internet service providers (ISPs). Users on the network can allocate their bandwidth thereby contributing to a globally decentralized internet network. It uses PacketCrypt as PoW (proof of work), which allows all infrastructure for mining to remain on the bandwidth.

The mining is done in two levels – announcement and block levels. Because the platform is powered by PacketCrypt, users with low-memory CPUs can mine crypto alongside those who use ASIC or high-memory CPUs. Based on this idea, miners and regular internet users can benefit from the network.

The network becomes wider and stronger as more people with enough bandwidth and powerful computers share their internet connectivity. This assists in improving and decentralizing infrastructure maintenance costs. Also, there is a projection that prices of mobile data will reduce since data sharing is an affordable alternative that people can also earn from.

The Blockchain Technology

We mentioned earlier that the PKT network operates on blockchain. Basically, blockchain tech is a store of information for every data shared on the platform. When a user initiates a transaction, it is recorded on the system’s node so one can manipulate it. All transactions have unique identities called “hash” for easy tracking and identification.

A blockchain system is decentralized, making it very secure as nobody can control or tamper with the records without being caught. You can now understand why many persons trust crypto investments. Since PKT is a blockchain network, even the founder has no absolute control over it. Therefore, it is transparent and corruption-free.

What is Cryptocurrency?

It is a digital asset that is backed by cryptographic security, which makes it impossible for people to create its counterfeit. It utilizes blockchain technology to enable the decentralization of transactions. Cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular because it does not require any control from the government. 

Additionally, transactions done with crypto are very secure and transparent. You can visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cryptocurrency to learn more about cryptocurrency.

Traditional Crypto Mining vs PKT Mining

Traditional crypto mining requires computers with very powerful processors, which consume much bandwidth and electricity. The computers also emit much heat to the environment. On the other hand, PKT mining does not necessarily require powerful CPUs to mine crypto. 

The infrastructure is based on bandwidth and the processing power becomes stronger when many computers connect to the network. Therefore, PKT allows mining on computers with low processing powers while traditional crypto mining doesn’t.

Benefits of Joining the PKT Cash Crypto Network

Basically, PKT allows you to mine your internet and earn cash or cryptocurrency. It enables you to become a part of the vision to provide fast and cheap internet connection to billions of people. Talk about doing good and getting an instant reward.

Additionally, the platform is decentralized and does not give total control to a single person. As a result, all users have an equal level of control. All transactions on the platform are done at a cheaper rate since there’s no administrator that benefits from imposing high transaction fees.

In terms of security, a hacker cannot gain access to all computers on the network without getting noticed. Therefore, your digital currency is safe which is why more people need to sign up to join the moving train. 

Furthermore, anyone can mine on the platform since the required CPU and bandwidth are cheap. The easiest mining level is the announcement level and anyone can participate. However, the earnings at this level cannot be compared to the block level earnings. The block level requires higher bandwidth and a strong processor.


Due to developments in technology, the world we knew before is changing in various ways. Without doubts, it is affecting the way we make money and many people seem happy with the change. Creating different income streams is one of the quickest ways to become wealthy. PKT and other companies are providing opportunities for everyone to earn passively. You can click here to find more opportunities to create passive income.

Although the cryptocurrency market is quite unstable, the growth potential is huge. Some governments are now creating official cryptocurrencies for their countries. So, why not take advantage of the opportunity? It may just be your best decision ever.

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