How to find the best crypto card in 2024? Comment from PSTNET


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Over the past couple of years, the landscape of the fintech market has changed significantly, to say the least. And at the forefront are not just the most convenient payment methods, but those that adapt to changes the fastest.

In the world of finance, stability is a rare and desirable phenomenon. Market surges and crashes affect everyone, from investors to consumers. The recent collapse of “Silicon Valley Bank” serves as a reminder of the necessary diversity in investment portfolios. The rise in interest rates on government bonds also challenges familiar financial strategies. In the face of a potential global economic crisis, many are seeking alternative ways to preserve and increase their assets. In this context, cryptocurrency cards are becoming an increasingly attractive solution for investors and users, offering a unique combination of security, flexibility, and growth potential in times of financial instability.

Most likely, in both professional and personal life, many have encountered difficulties with paying for familiar services. So what to do about all this? Read on in the article.

So, we need a payment solution without limits and restrictions, and preferably without a commission of 15-40%, as is often the case with prepaid cards. Such cards exist, and an example is Ultima from PST. Why pay attention to it? At least because out of a product line of 40+ cards, the service team calls it the best. Why is it better?

Surprisingly, because it works. Although it may seem obvious: this is what is required of a virtual card. But in practice, the fact that the card works without limits and restrictions in most regions and for most merchants is quite a reason for pride.

We’ll tell you more about the terms later.

First of all, the card is available for either a week or a year. The first option is perfect for testing, while the yearly one is to get the most favorable conditions.

The yearly tariff, of course, comes with an excellent discount of 45%, and right now PST offers an additional discount. An excellent option for your work and personal subscriptions.

Now, the main thing: where does the card work?

Let’s start with work cases. Designers need Figma or something from Adobe, SMM specialists and PR professionals need Notion, while developers need Jira. And most likely, in your work, you use ChatGPT or generate images somewhere in Midjourney and its counterparts. And Ultima handles payments for any such services excellently.

Now onto more everyday questions. Can’t imagine your life without Spotify algorithms, gaming season novelties on PC or console? Or… the list can go on, but the point is that Ultima works for payments for most subscriptions, online shopping, hotels, and tickets. And of any value. You can even purchase tickets for the whole team to Dubai for a conference and then order Uber Eats to the hotel room.

Alright, in reality, there are still some limitations. It’s just that with Ultima, the maximum transaction amount is $100k, and it can be increased if needed. Based on the experience of the PSTNET team, even in Tier-1 countries, it’s rare to encounter single payments of such magnitude. But if necessary, they are ready to “hold your hand” and process your payment for the required amount. So yes, you can also order a Tesla or Heuer watch with the Ultima card.

What do we have in the end?

An unprecedented payment tool in the virtual card market. It’s understandable that crypto may not be for everyone, and in Kazakhstan, you can personally go for the card, but only Ultima provides access to subscriptions for work and leisure that are unavailable to users of other services. And right now, you can get it for a year with a 45% discount!

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