How To Find NFT’s Minting NOW (Pro Tip!)


One of the key avenues for an NFT trader to get in on something big is to get involved with an NFT project as soon as it is minting. But when so many new NFT projects launch regularly it can be difficult to figure out what is up and down regarding everything. Where do you even begin to find NFT projects that are about to mint?

How To Find NFT’s Minting NOW (Pro Tip!) 1

Fortunately for you, there are many very useful and even free tools that you can use. If you want to find NFT’s that are minting now, then keep reading on. We have some pro tips for you coming up.

Use An Analytics Tool To Get Ahead

To get a headstart on most people browsing for new NFT’s, you should consider using an analytics tool such as – which is the top rated according to BuyNFT’s tool list. Now, such an analytics tool can be used for a wide array of different goals, but let’s focus on how it can help you find NFT’s that are minting right this second. It’s actually really simple. 

On’s website there is a section at the top of the interface called “Collections”. Here you can monitor all kinds of useful and relevant data about any NFT project. In this section, there is a subsection called “Minting Now”. If you navigate there, your life has just become a lot easier. 

How To Find NFT’s Minting NOW (Pro Tip!) 2

There you will find an intuitive overview of every NFT project that is currently in the process of minting. You can see how many mints have already been made, how fast (or slow) they happen, and the average price (if any) for minting. 

From here you can quickly navigate to where you need to go to start the minting process, and get your very own NFT from the collection. Pretty neat, right?

The list is also very useful as it highlights the NFT project that currently mints the most at the top. A lot of traction around a project tends to be a good sign, and that means it might be valuable to join in while you still can. 

Things To Consider Before Investing

Now, while such a list makes it easy to find minting NFT projects and gauge the activity around it, you still need to do some research on your own to figure out whether investing is potentially worth it or not. 

So, what can you do before investing to evaluate whether there’s potential? There are a number of things to keep in mind, so let’s get started. 

First off you should go to their social media profiles such as Twitter and Discord or any other platform, if they have them. Take a look at the amount of followers, likes on their posts, how frequently they post, and whether any NFT influencers have mentioned or retweeted them. The aspect of community is very important for a thriving NFT project.

How To Find NFT’s Minting NOW (Pro Tip!) 3

Then take a look at what the NFT project is able to do. It might be for a game, might be a collectible, give access to certain things, or something completely different. A lot of the really strong NFT projects have some sort of utility that makes it attractive to own. 

Another aspect to look at is the team behind the project. Are they active, do they communicate with the community, how many are they, what are their backgrounds etc. The team is the driving force behind the continued development of the project, and you want to make sure they are dedicated. 

All of these factors are important to keep in the back of your head while you do your research. But just remember that even if everything looks great on the outside, there is no guarantee that the project will take off towards the moon. This is a risk we must always be willing to take. 

Where Can You Invest in Minting NFT Projects?

If you’ve decided on one or more minting NFT projects you’d like to invest in, then you might be wondering where you should take your Ether to spend. 

Fortunately, it is relatively easy to get started. Navigate to the website of the project you’d like to invest in. There should be a section that will take you to the mint.

How To Find NFT’s Minting NOW (Pro Tip!) 4

Other than the website itself you might have to check a specified public auction, or you can go to OpenSea, one of the biggest marketplaces for NFT’s, and have a look there.

Time To Start Minting!

With an analytics tool like in your hands it is easier than ever to track down minting NFT projects, and get in as early as possible to potentially get your hands on something truly valuable.  

Use to lock on to interesting minting NFT projects, and then continue to do your own research about them before you invest. Good luck on your hunting!

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