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Proper patient care requires a cooperative effort between different healthcare stakeholders – patient, physician, nurse, pharmacist, phlebotomists, etc. This holistic care is only possible when the healthcare professional can quickly and safely access the patient’s complete medical record. 

On the other hand, patients are better equipped to make informed decisions for their well-being when their data is readily available. They also wish to receive the best available treatments from the most suitable medical practitioner for their condition. 

The biggest roadblock in patient-centric healthcare is the lack of interoperability and portability of healthcare data. Hospitals fear breaching HIPAA compliance as the privacy of patient’s data could be compromised. These breaches are usually accompanied by negative reviews and disciplinary action from professional bodies. 

To avoid these data breaches, hospitals and care facilities go above and beyond to safeguard patient data, even to the detriment of the patient. Hence, they are not in any position to make decisions for themselves. 

Patientory provides a HIPAA-compliant solution that works for all parties, especially patients who want to take active roles in maintaining their health. 

Patientory App

The Patientory app is a healthcare data exchange, tracking, and management software. It is secure, private, optimizes health, and acts as a digital health coach. The app is built on top of the PTOYMatrix network blockchain, enabling health data exchange with other entities.    

How does a Patient Share Their Medical Data?

The patient is the owner of their health data. Hence, before anyone can access this controlled data, they need to seek permission from the owner – the patient. The process usually follows this sequence:

  • A medical professional or institute requests data from the patient 
  • The HIPAA-compliant database interacts directly with the RPC server (Remote Procedure Call) or goes through a forwarding agent to the RPC. 
  • The HIPAA-compliant database decrypts the data and sends it to the intended public address. 
  • The patient authorizes the process since they are the owner of the data. 

Every entity that connects to the PTOYMatrix network blockchain can exchange health information via the above mechanism.  

Patientory Protects the Privacy of Patient’s Medical Data

Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems were adopted in hospitals for quick and easy accessibility of medical records. However, it is fraught with limitations. Patients risk losing their medical records to hacks, malicious data breaches, or system failures in legacy EHR systems. However, in a blockchain, transactions are replicated at computer nodes making the loss of data impossible.  

Patientory guarantees data safety and privacy through: 

  • Robust encryption of the Patientory middleware 
  • Date and time stamping of each transaction
  • Distributed nature of the PTOYMatrix network blockchain 
  • HIPAA compliance of Patientory’s storage space 

Patientory App Collects Medical Data

You can connect IoT devices like the Apple Watch and Fitbit with the Patientory app. You can share the data that these devices collect with your physician in real-time. Patients can also share and communicate with a community of users on the app. 

Patients face difficulties in collecting and tracking data about hospital visits and treatment history. With the help of Patientory, patients can share their medical history with a new physician within minutes.

Patientory is not limited by any regional or geographic boundaries in data sharing. It is a global system that connects healthcare professionals. Patientory launched and maintains a robust operation within the United States. The team plans to move into other countries, especially developing nations that lack digitized health record systems. 

Patientory Allows Patients to Reward Healthcare Personnel 

Patientory has a merit-based compensation system that gives patients some power in healthcare interactions. Patients can use this feature to ensure they get quality service and help other users gain insights into these facilities’ services. They can also issue PTOY tokens to professionals as an incentive for quality services provided. 

Users also receive PTOY tokens as rewards when they achieve their in-app goals.


The focus of the Patientory app was to give patients control of their medical data. It also aimed to transform healthcare from an intervention-centric approach to a comprehensive and holistic industry with the consumer’s interests at the heart of its operations. The app is successful in fulfilling its goals. Interestingly, Beta users of the app have reported that it meets their healthcare needs.

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