How does DXB differ from another crypto you know, like, trust and “try” to use?


The world first got introduced to Bitcoin, the most successful digital asset, in 2008. In the subsequent 13 years, innovations and improvements on the original technology have spread like wildfire, leading to more advanced solutions that have reduced Bitcoin’s transaction completion and speed limitations. 

New kinds of blockchains emerged, and some of them are based on authorized proof of stake, enabling a particular amount of nodes to verify transactions safely. Among those blockchains, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) excelled most at facilitating the growth and development of new projects. These new projects can instantly provide many uses—especially for affordable, fast transactions, added value, liquidity, etc. 

DXB is among the leading projects built on the BSC to improve businesses, payment gateways, and decentralized trading.

How is DXB different from everyone else?

DXB uses the most advanced developments in asynchronous off-chain communication, cross-chain transfers, and scalability to create the next evolution in digital asset utility. How does DXB compare to other projects already available on the BSC network, and why is it an improvement on every other available solution?


DXB is a decentralized, cross-chain, token management service. It aims to deliver a smart ecosystem, coupled with charitable endeavors, expedited via the DXB token. DXB aims to apply the possibilities that BSC offers to create a cross-chain payment protocol. 

Speed and volume are critical features of contemporary token economics and decentralized finance. DXB will strive to deliver scalability and stability, thereby avoiding the bottlenecks that catalyze high gas fee obligations. The DXB token platform is created with the knowledge that high fees deter small-scale investors from doing financial transactions. This defect has diminished decentralized finance and cryptocurrency adoption, as transaction fees indicate the economic system is more receptive to large-scale holders that can afford to pay excessive gas fees.

Blockchain Functionality

The goods associated with the DXB token plan to adopt blockchain for most of their implementations, including the initial purchase and funds storage stage. DXB also plans to build connections across different blockchains and cryptocurrencies. Using BSC, DXB depends on an anticipated base layer that allows DXB to utilize its fees creatively, especially to develop its ecosystem.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are essentially unlimited, clearing a space for new use cases and decentralized applications. Building on smart contracts can democratize access to tokens, enable scalability, thereby improving DXB adoption.

At its heart, the DXB project builds smart contracts to facilitate its incentives and fees program. The smart contracts for the DXB token are also at the core of the project’s protection. It plans to review every smart contract for logic defects. 

Revenue Model

The goal for DXB is to create a system for payments where the native token, aside from other digital tokens and coins, can help pay for services such as hotel bookings, transportation, travel, etc. 

The DXB economy will invariably include a segment associated with decentralized algorithmic trading. It will work as a source of liquidity and possible revenues while assuring the price stability of the DXB token.


A unique platform is on the rise, and with it, revolutionary ideas are advancing crypto, DeFi, and everyday transactions. DXB sets itself apart in its utility and method without compromising on the fundamentals of a blockchain network. It is not hard to see how it sets itself apart from the solutions available anywhere else.

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