How can the DXB ecosystem revolutionize our ways of living?

The crypto industry offers many ways to earn money. Yield farming and liquidity mining are the most lucrative methods. The idea isn’t just to buy cryptocurrencies and sell them, but to invest in yield farming instead of just buying a digital currency when the price is low and selling it when the value rises. By locking their assets for a period, participants can earn great returns. Most blockchains providing liquidity mining opportunities face one major problem.

Farming, however, is problematic due to the underlying changes that happen to the values of the token. Participants who just hold the tokens get rewards, but the value is considerably lesser than that earned when farming. DXB has something unique to offer. There are two simple ways for DXB to guarantee ever-decreasing supply and higher token prices.

A common practice is token burning, but DXB’s mechanism is somewhat different. This second method entails rewarding token holders with a BNB token instead of a DXB token so that the token supply continues to decrease and the token price increases.

How are BNB tokens earned while dealing in DXB tokens?

The traditional way of rewarding token holders is not good enough to maximize the potential earning opportunity. Other cryptocurrencies offer rewards to holders in the same token, which results in an ever-growing supply and negatively affects the token price. Tokens that reward the holders with the same token face the central problem of growing circulating supply, which affects the price negatively.

This problem has been addressed by intelligent DXB smart contracts, by applying a 7% fee on all transactions, and 50% of this 5% is allocated to burn a wallet. Therefore,  the resulting circulating supply is removed forever. Whereas the other 50% fee is exchanged into BNB, 70% of the BNB tokens would be distributed to holders in the form of BNB. As a result, the amount of BNB tokens in holders’ wallets will increase as people transact.

How does DXB ensure the safety of the holders’ funds?

Safety is the most significant factor that every investor looks up to, and DXB has made no compromise on that. DXB has taken adequate measures to protect the holders’ funds from any type of uncertainty or fraud. To ensure that tokens are burnt with no disturbance, the token’s smart contract, which is presented publicly every month, controlled cycle burns.

The most crucial aspect in securing the holders’ funds is the Audit of the contract. And DXB claims to Audit the contract by the industry leader Auditor. Plus, DXB ensures equality with fairly distributed presale, and no presale wallet can hold more than 1%, unlike other smart contracts. As far as the minting of new tokens is concerned, DXB does not allow any single entity to mint new tokens or dump presale allocations on the market.

What makes DXB tokens unique?

DXB has plans to provide such an ecosystem where the token holders keep on earning without being involved in farming or staking your DXB tokens. The DXB holders can keep the tokens in their wallets and wait for the price to escalate due to lower circulating supply from both ends. Plus, you old your DXB token whenever an investor transacts and earns a strong coin like BNB.

DXB plans to develop state-of-art software that will facilitate a payment gateway for all Defi tokens. This would enable businesses involved in online selling to accept digital currency as payment most conveniently and securely. The DXB software will reduce the security risks involved and act as a bridge between businesses and the crypto world.


DXB holds the potential to dominate the future crypto market, especially DeFi. The DXB aims to facilitate and encourage mass adoption of cryptocurrencies worldwide by providing secure, transparent, and everlasting mechanisms. From the investment point of view, DXB could be the next big thing, as it provides an opportunity for DXB holders to earn BNB coins with no effort.

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