How can Phoenix Champion the Next-Gen Systems of Decentralized Data for Industries


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The Phoenix Global (PHB) blockchain is powering Next-Gen DApps built to suit customer experience. The project promises optimized scalability and flexibility via enterprise sidechains and multi-tiered smart contracts. Top-level data encryption, a two-fold consensus mechanism for improved agility & performance, security, and advanced interactions are some other offerings. 

The core features of the Phoenix Blockchain are decentralization, transparency, immutability, and automation. These features can benefit various industries, which create a host of applications. Here are what we believe to be the most relevant industries that would benefit from Phoenix Blockchain:

Financial Services Industry

Financial services struggle with archaic operating procedures, sluggish payment settlement, lack of transparency, and security risks. Phoenix Blockchain improves effective digitization of financial instruments, enhancing liquidity, reducing capital cost, and reducing security vulnerabilities. 

Additionally, insurance claims are deemed prone to fraud, and claims assessment can last for a lengthy time. Phoenix Blockchain solutions can entirely rationalize data verification, claims to process, and disbursement, significantly reducing the time needed to complete the entire process.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Phoenix Chain solutions in healthcare will enhance efficiency, secure medical data management, and enable medical supply tracking. These solutions would considerably enhance medical services, aid in medical research and innovations, and guarantee prescription drugs circulating in the global market are authentic.

Media & Entertainment 

Media and entertainment have placed a premium on safeguarding and monetizing intellectual property. Imagine the whole range of content piracy, fraud, and theft of intellectual property prices approximately $70 billion from the entertainment industry every year. Phoenix Chain can transform the way content is created, protected, and consumed. The network can track the longevity of any digital content, safeguard, and help distribute genuine digital collectibles. 

Retail Fashion & Luxury

Authenticity and limited editions are vital in fashion. The retail fashion and luxury industries are quickly changing with varying demands from different consumers. Phoenix Chain can effectively solve the industry challenges that have been prevalent for quite a long time by enhancing data management tools, improving the supply chain operations, and diminishing the notorious problem of fake products and grey markets. 

Supply Chain

The present supply chain networks worldwide are highly inefficient, below par tracking, and at many times deceitful. Phoenix Chain can help businesses exert more control over outsourced contract manufacturing. It provides all the involved parties with a good supply chain network with access to the same information. Phoenix Chain enables effective tracking, improved service licensing, products and softwares, and provides a transparent supply chain from the source of consumer goods to the end-user. 

Energy & Sustainability

The energy sector, ranging from firms that deal with oil and natural gas and utility providers, has been riddled with challenges of siloed infrastructure, lack of accountability, competence, and optimization. Phoenix Chain solutions can substantially raise the competence and efficiency in operations and minimize the related expenses in the oil and gas business. 

Phoenix Chain is built for enterprises with the consumer in mind. Its blockchain solutions are applicable across various sectors of the economy and can revolutionize their entire processes. Phoenix Global seeks to champion the Nex-Gen systems of extensive decentralized data with improved governance and transparency of AI and data.

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